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Mark Boidman on The Digital Sign Business

Investment banker Mark Boidman of Peter J Solomon Company has put a copy of his March 15, 2016 Digital Sign Expo talk on the Peter J Solomon website.  Insider wants to comment on three things in the talk. Boidman sees out of home growing by 3.2%/year for 2015-2019.  In other words, outdoor is a mature GDP business.  It’s growing about as fast as the US GDP is growing. Boidman sees US digital out of home spending growing by 10.7%/year for […]

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Vendor Spotlight: Circle Graphics

Circle Graphics is the world’s largest producer of large-format digital graphics. Its 400,000 square foot manufacturing facilities house 88 grand format printers, custom automated finishing equipment and coating capabilities to produce printed recyclable materials up to 16 feet wide.  The prepress department processes more than 30,000 files per day with the aid of proprietary software automation tools. The company operates around-the-clock, 7 days a week to deliver extraordinary customer service and prints over 350 million square feet of material annually. […]

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Company of the Day: Arizona Billboard Company

Company: Arizona Billboard Company Market: Arizona. Headquarters: Tanque Verde Road #103, Tucson, AZ  85749 Phone: 877-882-9250 Arizona Billboard Company operates a plant of bus benches, bus shelters, billboards and mobile billboards in Phoenix, Southern Arizona and Tuscon.  The company has been in business for over 30 years and is run by Kurt Roark.  The company owns billboards and also manages inventory for private individuals.

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Adsemble Launches Digital Billboard Self-Serve Tool

Techcrunch reports that Adsemble has launched a self-serve product to allow out of home media companies to manage the process of selling digital billboard space to advertisers.  The product will include: an overview of every billboard in inventory analytics data the ability to accept or reject individual bids Adsemble currently represents 277 sign locations in Chicago and San Francisco.  It is in the process of expanding to New York City and Los Angeles.   The company wants to build an […]

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Billboards Aren’t Just For Businesses

Businesses are front and center in the outdoor industry sales effort.  Don’t forget non-business clients, however, as can be seen from two news items today. The Eagle reports that the FBI is using billboards with enhanced pictures of a suspect to try to solve a bank robbery/murder case in Rochester.  The pictures will appear on billboards in Rochester, Buffalo and Niagra Falls. A 70 member citizens group in Tennessee is buying ads on 20 digital billboards across the state in […]

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Company Of The Day: Waitt Outdoor

Company: Waitt Outdoor Markets: Southern Minnesota, Iowa, Eastern Nebraska, Missouri Address: 4717 F Street, Omaha, NE, 68117 Phone: 402-330-2520 Email: Waitt Outdoor owns billboards on interstate corridors throughout the Midwest including Nebraska, Missouri and Kansas.  Waitt Outdoor is owned by Michael Delich and Norman Waitt.  Norman Waitt also  owns Bobby Jones Golf, real estate and is co-owner of Premier Bank of Omaha.     Michael Delich has been president of Waitt Outdoor for 16 years. Michael, what brought you to Waitt? […]

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OAAA Exposes Digital’s Reality Problem

March 21, 2016 – The Outdoor Advertising Association of America (OAAA) today releases a white paper that demonstrates the value of OOH media in a world where digital’s effectiveness and trustworthiness has been thrown into question. “This Is What Reality Looks Like,” written in partnership with agency of record Partners NYC (PNYC), will be made public as 4A’s Transformation 2016 kicks off in Miami, and is a comprehensive analysis of the OAAA’s widely covered Feel The Real campaign. “With Feel […]

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Demopolis Approved Digital Billboards

The Demopolis Times reports that the Demopolis, AL City council has approved a zoning change to allow digital billboards in the city.  The first digital sign will go up at Parr’s Chevron at the intersection of Highway 80 East and Highway 43.

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Tunney Art Hits NYC Billboards To Celebrate Landmarks

The NYC Landmarks 50 Alliance and OUTFRONT Media are working with artist Peter Tunney to run a billboard art series highlighting New York City landmarks. You can read a mediavillage post about the project from OUTFRONT Media’s Executive Vice President of Strategic Planning & Development, Andy Sriubas here. Insider talked with Carly Zipp of OUTFRONT Media about the project. Carly, tell us about the project.  How is Outfront involved? To celebrate the 1965 NYC Landmark Law, OUTFRONT Media partnered with […]

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Catalyst Proposes Digital Billboard In Upper Dublin, PA

Montgomery News reports that Thaddeus Bartkowski of  Catalyst Outdoor has presented a plan to the Upper Dublin, Pennsylvania school board to lease high school land adjacent to route 309 to construct a monument LED sign.  Catalyst is proposing to pay the school district $6.85 million or $228,000/year over the 30 year lease. Some school board members are against the board and others are interested in considering the proposal to generate funds to support district operations.  The School Board will meet […]

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