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Technavio On The Global Ad Display Market

The British research and advisory company Technavio has issues a new report on the global advertising displays market.  The research is a little pricey for Insider’s tastes with a cost of $2,000 but Insider learned a fre things from reading the executive summary: The global ad displays market is vibrant with projected growth of 7%/year through 2020. Technavio expects LED prices to continue to fall as advances in LED and AMOLED displays lead to continued price declines which enable more […]

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Company Of The Day: Mile Hi Outdoor

Company: Mile Hi Outdoor Market:  Colorado. Headquarters: 9250 E Costilla Ave, Suite 500, Greenwood Village, CO  80112.  303-783-4000.  sales@milehighoutdoor. Mile Hi Outdoor was founded in 1996 and owns 400 billboard faces in the Denver Metro area and the state of Colorado.  The company also has 9 digital signs.  In addition to being  The company is also involved in the Pacific Outdoor joint venture which recently purchased Clear Channel Outdoor’s Portland plant.  Business Times and Watchfire have written about the company’s digital […]

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Outfront Wants Its Own Radar

Location based marketing is all the rage.  Outfront has announced a partnership with xAd, a company which enables real-time, location-based marketing, for the development of xAd Marketplace a self service platform for buying and selling locations.  You can watch a Vimeo video on the new product here.  Here’s the press release: NEW YORK, March 3, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — xAd, the leading location platform that enables marketers to reach the right people based on the real places they visit every day, announced […]

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Outdoor revenues reach new high.

US outdoor revenue has recovered from the great recession and reached a new high according to the OAAA.  A couple things stand out from the March 2016 OAAA revenue release.   US outdoor revenues grew at a robust 5.8% rate during the fourth quarter to finish up 4.6% to $7.3 billion for the year.  This was impressive versus US GDP growth of only 2.4% for the year. The top 10 outdoor advertisers for 2015 were (in order of importance): McDonalds […]

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Billboard Design Tips From Lamar

This week’s billboard design tips come from Lamar’s website. Keep It Simple.  Be straightforward and to the point.  One idea. Use Readable Fonts.  Large typefaces.  Avoid ornate script.  Select easy to read font like Univers, Futura or DIN. Contrasting Colors.  Lamar cites a study that high color contrast improves outdoor recall by 38%. Treat digital different.  Avoid a solid white background because it isn’t vibrant on an LED and change your message frequently because it’s costless.  

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The Billboard is watching you.

Adlandtv has a somewhat skeptical piece on Clear Channel Outdoor America’s Radar project.  There are some quotes by privacy guardians and the piece ends with a video clip of Tom Cruise in Minority Report being constantly badgered by smart data holographs and ads. Insider’s college kids don’t seem too concerned about the privacy invasion.  Perhaps it’s because they’ve grown up being tracked on the web.  Insider likes the ability to provide better data to a client concerning the impact of […]

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Sussex County Extends Billboard Moratorium

Cape Gazette reports that Sussex County, Delaware has extended a billboard moratorium by three months to provide time for a group of staff, elected officials and lawyers to draft changes to the County’s sign ordinance.  Sussex County has had a moratorium for six months (since Sept 2015).

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Rapid City May Settle With Lamar

The Rapid city legal and finance committee has recommended a settlement to end two lingering lawsuits with Lamar, according to the Rapid City Journal.  The settlement includes a repeal of the city’s ban on digital billboards a reduction of distance between billboards from 2,000 feet to 1,500 feet protection of 60 sign credits sign that lamar stood to lose. a $100,000 payment to lamar Lamar had lost a court case five months ago but had appealed the decision and the […]

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Utah bill would make billboards easier along scenic byways.

A bill in the Utah legislature would make it easier for landowners to put billboards on their property along Scenic Byways according to the Rexburg Standard Journal. The bill pass a Senate committee and will head to the Utah Senate.

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