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Company of the Day: Daily Billboards

Company: Daily Billboards Markets: Florida Headquarters: 215 Osceola St Jacksonville, FL  32204 Phone: 904-281-0000 Daily Billboards owns 16 full size 14 by 48 billboards which can be changed every day in Jacksonville and two mobile billboards.  The changeable billboards are not digital but use letters.  The Company’s affiliate B&B outdoor has 34 permanent vinyl billboards in Jacksonville.  You can watch a 1 minute youtube video of the company’s products here.  Insider thinks more companies ought to follow Daily Billboard’s use […]

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Landmark Owns 271 Outdoor sites

Landmark Infrastructure announced first quarter 2016 financials.  Landmark acquires real estate which is leased to the wireless, outdoor and renewable power industries. Revenues increased 25% to $7.8 million. EBIDTA totaled $3.9 million. Outdoor accounted for 271 (24%) of the firm’s 1,114 sites at March 31, 2016. The outdoor leases have quarterly revenue of $1.4 million which works out to monthly rent of $1,405 per site. The firm’s outdoor leases have an average remaining term of 13.3 years. During 2016 the […]

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Clear Channel Outdoor Performs Better Than Expected

Clear Channel Outdoor Holdings released first quarter 2016 financials yesterday.  Here are the highlights. Total Revenues increased by 1.8% excluding foreign exchange effects and non-strategic asset sales.  North and South American revenues increased by 4%.   The company attributed the growth to higher revenue from digital billboards and higher occupancy rates. International revenues increased by 0.3% after excluding foreign exchange and non-strategic asset sales.   International revenues were hurt by the loss of a London bus shelter contract. Clear Channel […]

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Design Tips From Billboard Connection

This week’s design tips from from a Billboard Connection article called Billboard Design Tips You Really Need to Know.  Simplicity rules.  Photo, benefit-laden-emotionally-charged headline, logo and contact info Use high contrast colors. Forget fancy fonts and AVOID ALL CAPS BECAUSE THEY ARE HARD TO READ. Use big fonts.  Minimum type size should be 18″ tall. Use great photos with 300 DPI Minimum. Lase focus.  One big idea. Target Your Audience.   Paid Advertisement  

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The Hunt For Distractions Leads To Inside The Vehicle

By Ken Klein, EVP-Government Affairs, OAAA. I ran into a policy analyst (April 27) for the huge AAA auto club based in southern California.  She said two things of note: A California lawmaker had invited AAA to join his effort to restrict digital billboards based on safety, but AAA declined because the science didn’t show a problem I should read AAA’s latest distraction report from its Foundation for Traffic Safety (based in Washington, DC) I did.  It’s not about signs.   […]

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Company of the Day: CRG Advertising

Company: CRG Advertising Market: Connecticut Phone: 860-961-4818 CRG Advertising operates 2 digital faces and 9 static faces in Connecticut.  The signs range in size from 10.5 by 22 to 14 by 60.   The firm was founded in 2009 by Charlie Ghione after stints as an outdoor exec with NextMedia Outdoor and PNE Media. Ghione has installed two Watchfire 16 mm digital billboards.       Paid Advertisement

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So You Want To Enter The Outdoor Business…

Insider receives a steady stream of emails from people who want to enter the outdoor business.  Often they seek 100% financing for their first billboard purchase from Billboard Loans, our lending company.  Most of them are in the real estate business and think there’s easier money to be made in outdoor advertising.  Insider gives them the following advice: Buy your first location with your own money if you aren’t in the business.  100% financing is available for people with a […]

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Marci Werlinich on Why You Should Join OAAA

Marci Werlinich is VP of Membership and Administration at the Outdoor Advertising Association of America (OAAA). She’s spent her entire 30 year professional career serving the OAAA and its members. Marci focuses on membership recruitment, event planning, human resources and information technology. Marci was elected to the OAAA Hall of Fame in 2011. Marci, how did you happen to join the OAAA? When I was a teenager living in Northwestern Pennsylvania, my father brought the family to Washington on a […]

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Clear Channel Outdoor Not Done Selling.

Insider expects to see more Clear Channel Outdoor asset sales.  Here’s what we’ve heard: Clear Channel Outdoor is trying to keep assets in the top 10 DMA’s:  New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Philly, Dallas, San Francisco, Boston, Wash DC, Atlanta, Houston.  Everything else is for sale for a price.  Whether Clear Channel Outdoor can retain the crown jewels and still service $5 billion in Clear Channel Outdoor debt and $21 billion in iHeart Media debt remains to be seen. Lamar […]

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Rate This Board By Out of Home Creative

Rate This Board allows a billboard designer to rate a random piece of billboard artwork using the following scale: 1 (not good), 2 (below average), 3 (average), 4 (very good), 5 (great). Then the designer talks about what they may have done differently for outdoor advertising.   Melody Roberts of Out of Home Creative rates this week’s design.   Design: Last Chance Wrecking Rating: 3 Average I wouldn’t say this is “creative” but a perfect call to action advertisement, short […]

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