Billboard Insider’s 2020 Out of Home Investor List

Many private equity funds and family offices are intersted in out of home to judge from the calls Insider gets.  Professional investors like the industry’s barriers to entry, low technology risk and digital billboard upside.  Billboard Insider has compiled a list of 31 firms which have invested in out of […]

367 US Out of Home Companies Ranked by Bulletin/Poster Faces

Billboard Insider has sorted 368 US out of home companies based on their bulletin, poster and wall faces. We assembled the list by canvassing out of home websites or talking to company execs. A face is a face is a face so a digital face or a spectacular get the […]

The Top 20 US Bulletin/Poster Companies Ranked by Faces

Insider has compiled a list of the top 20 US out of home companies ranked by bulletin and poster faces.  Three caveats: (1) We left indoor, place-based,  transit and airports off the list.  That’s for a future post.   (2) A face is a face is a face (no premium for […]

Billboard Insider 2020 Out of Home Website Rankings

Here are the Billboard Insider 2020 out of home website rankings for 510 out of home advertising companies.  The list is alphabetical.  The list shows how many points an out of home operator received out of 20 possible points.  The average score was 11.5 points. Need an out of home […]

The Top 37 Out of Home Websites

Billboard Insider reviewed 510 out of home websites to compile the 2020 Out of Home Website Rankings.  We’ll publish the entire list tomorrow. Here are the top 37 out of home websites: the first, second and third place winners. Insider used a 20 point scale to rank websites.  One point […]

State Outdoor Advertising Regulators

Need to contact a state’s outdoor advertising manager but don’t know who to call.  Here’s a most recent list of State Outdoor Advertising managers compiled by the National Association of Highway Beautification Agencies. ALABAMA Mark T. Waits Assistant State Maintenance Bureau Chief Alabama Department of Transportation 1409 Coliseum Boulevard Montgomery, […]

Billboard Insider’s Top Women Out of Home Execs.

Insider has compiled a list of the top 362 women out of home execs.  The list includes women leaders and promising managers at out of home companies, vendors, agencies, tech firms and associations. Out of home firms accounted for 58% of the women on the list, followed by out of […]

58 Women Running OOH Companies

Can you name 58 women who are running companies active in the out of home industry?  Insider has compiled a list of 58 women who are a Board Member, Director, CEO, President or Owner of an out of home company, out of home vendor, out of home agency, out of […]

Billboard Insider’s Out of Home Law Firm List

Insider has assembled a list of law firms active in the out of home business.  We’ve sorted the list by state and we’ve also highlighted law firms and lawyers who are members of the OAAA or IBOUSA.  Membership in an out of home trade group is a great tipoff that […]

Billboard Insider’s 2018 Out of Home Lender List

  Here is Billboard Insider’s list of lenders to out of home companies.  We compiled the list after reviewing public company filings and talking with investment bankers and out of home executives. Most of the lenders on the list only make large loans ($15 million and more). Landmark Capital makes […]