Grey Vick On Small Market Digital Billboards

Today’s podcast guest is Grey Vick the founder Grey Outdoor, an independent out of home company with 260 billboard structures in North and South Carolina.  Here are his thoughts about digital billboards and small markets. On Digital signs. We’ve got a few digitals and we’re going to be doing more…We’ve […]

Russell Abdullah on What Samsung is Doing to Advance Programmatic OOH

Today’s podcast guest is Russell Abdullah, Head of Strategy and Planning -Display Division at Samsung Electronics America says that Samsung got interested in digital out of home when it saw how out of home advertising boosted store visits.  Here are the highlights from Russell’s interview. Review Samsung’s history with out […]

Rob Jackson: Outdoor is as powerful as ever. When you do it well people talk.

Today’s podcast guest is Rob Jackson the founder and Creative Director of Extra Credit Projects talks about humor, out of home design mistakes and why his firm never tires of doing good. Your firm is marked by an impish sense of humor. We try to get attention…not always humor.  You […]

Jonathan Gudai Affirms Programmatic OOH will Double in 2-4 Years

Adomni founder and CEO Jonathan Gudai affirmed his prediction that programmatic out of home will double in 2-4 years on today’s Billboard Insider Podcast. Here’s a selection of his comments. What happened to programmatic out of home during COVID?  How did Adomni respond? In March when the governors started telling […]

Lafoy on acquisitions: We’re looking now.

Today’s podcast guest is Scott Lafoy a 35 year out of home veteran and CEO of Link Media Outdoor says Link Media is always looking for acquisitions and it’s looking now.  Here are the highlights of our conversation. Talk about your career and why you came to Link Media. I […]

Jim Poage on how to minimize OSHA fines and keep your employees safe.

Today’s podcast guest is Jim Poage, Safety Director at Formetco, Incorporated.  Jim discusses how to minimize OSHA fines and what to do to keep your employees safe. OSHA issued 81 citations with $280,000 in fines to Display Advertising companies during the past two years.  What jumps out at you. You […]

Stephen Johnson on Building Your First Digital Billboard

Today’s podcast guest is Stephen Johnson of Waller Outdoor.  He talks about what he’s learned while building and running his first digital billboard in Waller, Texas. Stephen how did you get interested in a digital billboard. My parents started to work in the newspaper business when I was a little […]

Smartlink: A Made in America Success Story

Today DJ Jennings, Chief Revenue Officer for Outdoorlink talks about how the company’s Smartlink product helps out of home companies cut costs and improve service. Smartlink is an amazing made in America success story. It started with my father Dwight Jennings.  He started in the industry in 1971 when he […]

Joe Mancino on Working With City Hall

In addition to starting and running Chicago-based GreenSigns, Joe Mancino just finished 11 years as Mayor of Hawthorn Woods.  On this week’s podcast Joe gives tips for working with city hall and running a sustainable out of home advertising business. Tips for working with city hall. I’m going to start […]