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Want To Play Billboards?

Digital Journal is reporting about something new to do on those long family road trip vacations.  Overcomer Games LLC has created a new interactive travel game called Billboards to while away those long hours on the road. Billboards is designed around the need to entertain ourselves during long trips in a vehicle; while, staying engaged with the environment. The game uses the signs you see all around you during travel on billboards, trucks, business, and road signs to complete one […]

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Why Ogilvy Was Wrong About Billboards

Insider wrote last week about David Ogilvy’s maxims for advertising.  Buy a used copy of Ogilvy on Advertising, tuck it in your briefcase and read it on your next plane flight.  You’ll be entertained and enlightened. Ogilvy wasn’t a fan of billboards and predicted they would be abolished for two reasons. Billboards cause accidents.  Ogilvy makes the unsubstantiated claim in his book that accident levels are three times higher on roads with billboards than roads without billboards.  Insider has never seen […]

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Brooklyn Outdoor Seeking Billboards Around New Detroit Arena.

Several outdoor companies are seeking to erect billboards around the new $627 million Detroit Red Wings arena according to Crains Detroit.  The arena will be complete in September 2017.   Candice Simons Brooklyn Outdoor is seeking 15 sites in the area.  Detroit will hire a consultant in July to assist the city in rewriting advertising sign rules. Insider notes that Detroit is a big user of  billboards.  In January 2015 the city approved a $900,000 ad contract with International Outdoor […]

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