Bold Effective Bus Ads

This article is courtesy of Marstudio, Inc., a Brand Strategy Firm & Creative Marketing Agency with diverse capabilities in print design, web design and development, multimedia, and a plethora of other creative disciplines.  You can see the original post here. When WTOP came to Marstudio again in search of a bold and effective bus tail advertising campaign that would incorporate their new logo, we knew we had our chance to impact the advertising world with short, smart, and to-the-point messaging. […]

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Designing Effective Outdoor Ads for Stores

The Store Starters has a great post called “How To Create an Effective Outdoor Campaign for Your Store.”   Here are the tips. Find an outdoor boards near the store.  Same street or right across from or next to your store. Use the board location to advantage. 7 words or less. Use copy to explain the benefit from coming to your store in an interesting way. Don’t overdue graphics. Use a tease.  Give people a little bit of the message […]

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20 Billboard Creative Tips from Arrington Outdoor

Arrington Outdoor has a list of 20 billboard creative tips on its website. Can the message be more succinct? Rule of thumb: maximum copy, seven words! In outdoor design, “less is more”. Is the typeface legible? Does the letter S P A C I N G (or kearning) read at distance? Is it strong and clear? Is the graphic singular? Is the visual content unified? Is the image powerful? Is the read good? Is your poster recognizable at a distance? […]

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Short Attention Spans Mean Short Copy

The Huffington post is encouraging advertisers to shorten ad copy to reflect shorter attention spans.  A Microsoft brain activity study found that between 2000 and 2013 average attention spans dropped from 12 seconds to 8 seconds.  Yet between 2000 and 2015 Zenith Optima found that the median number of words in randomly chosen print and outdoor ads was a constant 12 words between 2010 and 2015. Insider’s take: More evidence for the importance of keeping copy to 7 words or […]

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Billboard Designers Say No To QR Codes and Billboards

Insider posted yesterday on QR codes and billboards.  Insider thinks QR codes should be used sparingly because they distract drivers.     Insider asked billboard design experts Greg Callaham and Melody Roberts what they think. Greg Callaham is an award-winning graphic designer who has designed over 10,000 billboards in a 30 year career.   Melody Roberts is an award winning Creative Director who has been designing outdoor billboard advertising since 1999. In October 2015, Melody launched Out of Home Creative, an outdoor advertising […]

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Should you put a QR code on a billboard?

Lots of companies are putting QR codes on billboards.  See the Durden Outdoor ad on the right.  A QR code is a barcode which contains a URL.  Scan the barcode with your phone and you’ll be taken to a website page.  The QR code on the right was placed on a Durden Outdoor billboard for the local newspaper. Clear Channel has 75,000 scannable tags on sites with heavy footfall and long dwell time (e.g. airports, shoping malls, bus stops).   […]

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Baseball Season is Here!

For you baseball fans, the Kansa City Royals have been very creative in their use of Billboard advertising to remind us of the upcoming season.  Their latest, shown below, is an example of a simple but effective way to promote the new season with a 3D image of a ballplayer going high on the wall to grab a fly ball. How about your local team?  If you have a great example of sports advertising let us know.  

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Outdoor is a great vehicle for luxury brands.

Insider is aware that out-of-home is a great vehicle for luxury brands.   His best performing billboard has been anchored for years by a jeweler which promotes expensive watch and jewelry brands on the board. has a post titled “How outdoor advertising works for the luxury market.”  The post makes some interesting points: Outdoor is suited for luxury brands because it permits story-telling and luxury brands rely on storytelling to sell. Outdoor offers the scale to allow luxury brands […]

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Art Lives Billboard Campaign

If you were to drive down Sunset Boulevard in the Silver Lake area you would see this billboard, a collaboration between Lamar Advertising,  RAREFORM and artist Tyler Ramsey.  This is the second installment in Lamar’s Art Lives Billboard Campaign originally announced in October 2015. Insiders Take:  Always a positive to show the versatility of outdoor to the community and the combination with RAREFORM who re-purposes billboard vinyl is a terrific idea.

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Snapchat billboard ads use hyper-local geo-filters.

Business Insider reports that Snapchat has been running logo-less billboards across the United States which celebrate local neighborhoods (e.g. Palm Springs, the Meatpacking District and Soho in New York, Lincoln Park in Chicago,  Mission and Fisherman’s Warf in San Franscisco).  The billboards use geofilters – location based graphics that Snapchat users place over their snaps to make their photos more entertaining.  Snapchat allows users to submit their own geofilters and is using a selection of geofilters for the ad campaign. […]

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