• Messimer on Getting Your First Out of Home Client

    Last week Insider wrote about how to get your first out of home advertising client.  Today, out of home sales expert Andrea Messimer gives her thoughts on what to do after you’ve bought or erected your first billboard and need a client:

    #1   First step is to get professional photos of the location.   Take a picture of both faces if the board is double-sided.
    #2  Create a photo sheet with all the pertinent details- photo, map, traffic, details of the area.
    #3   Research businesses with in a 1-3 mile radius of your location.  This is called circle prospecting.  Drop off information.   Call or email to set up a meeting.
    #4   If you have the ability to create spec-art.  Great art work always works.
    #5   Join business networking events and engage with local businesses to promote your location/ inventory.
    #6   Post photos of your billboard on social networks, LinkedIn is the best for reaching businesses & agencies and other OOH clients.
    #7   If you acquired this location from a previous owner, get a list of past advertiser’s and approach them.
    #8   Are there any upcoming events to promote on your location?  Getting a new advertiser on your location even if it is for a short term will allow you time to prospect for long term customers and pique interest.
    #9    Do a press release with your local newspaper.

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    1. Andrea is awesome. Thank you