• How to get your first out of home advertising client.

    This week a reader asked Insider “I purchased my first billboard a few months ago and have not been able to get any advertisers.  Do you have a post on how to approach advertisers?”  Here are Insider’s thoughts.

    Ride sheet for one of Insider’s billboards in Clear Lake Iowa

    Compile a ride sheet.  The ride sheet should be 1 page and have the following sign information:

    1. Number
    2. Address
    3. Size
    4. Illumination
    5. GPS coordinates
    6. Map showing location.  Easy to plot the sign on google maps, take a screenshot and paste it into your ride sheet.
    7. Cost per 4 week period.
    8. Policy in install and vinyl.  Some people charge clients 50 cents a square foot for vinyl.  Some people double that to include money for posting.  Other people build the vinyl and install cost into the contract, especially for a 12 month.
    9. Contact Info for you.

    Identify target advertisers.  Drive every street near your billboard.  Use Google Maps to compile a list of businesses within 5 miles.

    Distribute your ridesheets.  Drop by in person and ask to speak to the owner, tell them about your billboard and leave a ridesheet.  Alternatively you can mail a ridesheet to the billboard owner.  Billboard Alerts mails a postcard to businesses in the neighborhood telling them about your vacant billboard for approx $1.50-1.80 per mailer.

    Put your info on your company’s website with a map and index each sign page so that it shows up in net searches.  Look at the search page below.  Insider’s Clear Lake Iowa billboard shows up fourth when you google “billboard clear lake Iowa.”  People call after seeing this listing.  Insider has no trouble keeping this sign occupied.


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