• How digital out of home helped UFC sell 15,000 tickets in 4 days.

    Last November Lamar CEO Sean Reilly said that digital billboards are perfect for promoting last minute events:  “Let’s promote Wednesday for the Saturday concert.  We’re really responsive to that need.  The concert industry used to use radio for that.  Now they use us.”

    Jonathan Gudai, Founder and CEO, Admoni

    On Wednesday’s Billboard Insider podcast, Adomni CEO and co-founder Jonathan Gudai described how Adomni helped the Ultimate Fighting Championship to sell 15,000 tickets in 4 days with an automated digital out of home buy.

    Jonathan, talk about an automated out of home buying success story.

    At the end of last year UFC had a big superstar named John Jones, who had been banned the year prior for substance abuse.  6 days before the New Year’s fight, the Las Vegas Athletic Commission did a test and found that he had a small amount of banned substance and prohibited him from fighting…In a span of 6 days…UFC relocated the fight from Las Vegas to California because the California Athletic commission felt the amount of the substance was not material. They went on Adomni, they geofenced LA and the surrounding area…and they plastered UFC ads all over trying to sell tickets to the show…Within 4 days they sold out 15,000 tickets…That never would have been able to be done in an out of home world two years ago where you had to give lead time and make sure that the availability was there.  This campaign was literally launched in minutes and they were on the boards the same day.

    We live in an age where I can google anything and get answers to whatever I want to find or know.  I can go on Amazon and buy whatever product and get it in two days and that convenience is baked into our way of operating.  As soon as advertisers realize that the same convenience is available for out of home, it’s going to dramatically open up the floodgates.


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