• Competition For The Largest High School Scoreboard

    Shortly after Insider posted the press release on Lightking’s announced second largest high school video scoreboard, we heard the following from Jeff Anderson at VCRNOW.

    “Last summer we installed Brownsville ISD Scoreboard which is 33′ 7 1/8″ x 65′ 1 1/8″ video screen only. The previous summer we installed PSJA ISD Scoreboard which is 32′ 6.50″ x 64′ 6.50” video screen only.  We are exclusive partners of Formetco Sports and handle the TALON Region for them.

    So the current scoreboard standings are:

    1. Weslaco East High School (Daktronics) at 36’X66′
    2. Brownsville ISD (Formetco) at 33′ 7 1/8″ x 65′ 1 1/8″
    3. PSJA ISD (Formetco) at 32′ 6.50″ x 64′ 6.50″
    4. Zachary High School (Lightking) at 30′ x 60′

    Here are pictures of the Brownsville and PSJA scoreboards.

    Sounds like we have a competition.  Any others out there?  Let us know in the comment box below.


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    1. Lightking’s latest Press Release setting the record straight can be found by clicking on the link below: