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New York’s Highest Rated Single Board Converts To Digital

New York’s highest rated single static board has converted to digital.  The boards is at the entrance to Lincoln Tunnel and generates 500,000 impressions a week.  The board’s clients have included Tmobile, Yes, M&T Bank and Disney.  Branded Cities is selling the ads.  Branded Cities is a digital and spectacular media company which promotes national and local brands through its network of spectacular, static and digital billboards.  Steven Ellman is CEO.  VG Gupta is EVP and Chief Operating Officer.

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Ads in Motion Provides Mobile Digital Billboards.

Crains Cleveland did an article about Ads in Motion, an Ohio company which has mounted digital billboards on the side of a truck.  The company tows the signs to events and rents them out.  The company’s truck was used to run Kasich ads at a Trump rally in Ohio. Insider is skeptical.  Static billboards and digital billboards are on 24/7.  A mobile billboard is small and only on when it’s at an event so you’ve got a high investment and […]

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OUTFRONT Expands Their On Smart Media Platform

Yesterday we carried OUTFRONT Media’s press release on the deployment of the On Smart Media platform with the Washington Metropolitan Transit Authority.  Railway Age has commented that OUTFRONT Media’s ON Smart Media platform  keeps train passengers updated while offering  advertising partners state-of-the-art addressable screens. The On Smart Technology is now available in both the Washington D.C and New York subway systems. Outfront indicates the platform runs functional ad apps and allows the displays to communicate with one another to deliver synchronized content. The screens […]

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Outfront Media Deploys Smart Media At DC’s Navy Yard

New York, March 24, 2015 – OUTFRONT Media Inc. (NYSE: OUT), one of the largest out-of-home media companies in the U.S., announced today the next deployment of its ON Smart Media platform with the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority (“WMATA”). This installation expands the long-term relationship between OUTFRONT and WMATA. The new high-function ON Smart Media displays were installed Wednesday, March 23 at the entrance/exit way of the Green Line’s Navy Yard station, one block away from Nationals Park baseball […]

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15 Years of Digital Billboards by Daktronics

Insider is reposting an article published yesterday on Daktronics blog.  The article gives a terrific overview of the history of digital signs and speculates on the future. 15 Years of Digital Billboards by Daktronics 2016 marks the 15th year since we began designing, manufacturing and installing LED digital billboards. Here’s a quick look into our history and what our future plans hold for the Out of Home industry. The Beginning Some of the first “digital billboards” we sold were not […]

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Mark Boidman on The Digital Sign Business

Investment banker Mark Boidman of Peter J Solomon Company has put a copy of his March 15, 2016 Digital Sign Expo talk on the Peter J Solomon website.  Insider wants to comment on three things in the talk. Boidman sees out of home growing by 3.2%/year for 2015-2019.  In other words, outdoor is a mature GDP business.  It’s growing about as fast as the US GDP is growing. Boidman sees US digital out of home spending growing by 10.7%/year for […]

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Adsemble Launches Digital Billboard Self-Serve Tool

Techcrunch reports that Adsemble has launched a self-serve product to allow out of home media companies to manage the process of selling digital billboard space to advertisers.  The product will include: an overview of every billboard in inventory analytics data the ability to accept or reject individual bids Adsemble currently represents 277 sign locations in Chicago and San Francisco.  It is in the process of expanding to New York City and Los Angeles.   The company wants to build an […]

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Catalyst Proposes Digital Billboard In Upper Dublin, PA

Montgomery News reports that Thaddeus Bartkowski of  Catalyst Outdoor has presented a plan to the Upper Dublin, Pennsylvania school board to lease high school land adjacent to route 309 to construct a monument LED sign.  Catalyst is proposing to pay the school district $6.85 million or $228,000/year over the 30 year lease. Some school board members are against the board and others are interested in considering the proposal to generate funds to support district operations.  The School Board will meet […]

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Critics Overstate Digital Billboard Power Use

Britt McConnel’s post earlier this week on digital billboard electric use was terrific.  Many people have the perception that digital signs are energy hogs.  Insider read this quote yesterday in an anti-billboard editorial in The Daily Gazette: “Even though digital billboards are made of energy-efficient LED lights, they are so large they consume a huge amount of energy — 30 times the energy the average American home uses, according to a 2010 study by Philadelphia-based architectural designer and urban planner […]

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Samsung Yesco Update

Samsung has been quiet following its March 2015 acquisition of Yesco.  Insider’s found a 90 second video on Samsung’s approach to LED signage  but not much else. A Business Wire announcement on Samsung’s appearance at the upcoming Digital Signage Expo highlights the following Samsung initiatives: smart signage for the fast food industry a 55 inch screen. indoor signage Insider’s take: Not a word about large digital billboards.  Is Samsung deemphasizing this market segment?

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