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YouGov And Outdoor’s Bright Future

Some new data from YouGov demonstrates the growing power of interactive billboards and their ability to reach young and old people. New data from YouGov Profiles suggests  around one in two people both notice billboards at the side of the road and agree that billboards showing dynamic content, such as breaking news, capture their attention. A growing number of people also use ad blockers when browsing the internet, leaving plenty of online ads unseen. Young people in particular show interest in […]

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Vince Miller in Digital Signage Today

Vince Miller of DDI Media has written a nice article in Digital Signage Today called “Digital billboards in the right locations drive big revenue.”  Miller mentions that digital signs account for 2% of the company’s faces but generate 10% of the company’s revenue.  Here’s why: Digital is flexible.  The old model of pricing for a year goes out the door. Digital can be changed frequently.  Think day-parting or ads which target today’s concert convention center events or TV shows. Digital […]

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Billboards Enhance Revenue Without Raising Taxes

The headline says it all: “Billboards enhance revenue without raising taxes.”  This from an editorial by Oceanside City Councilman Jerry Kern in the San Diego Union Tribune.  Kern points out the benefits of digital signs. Four Digital Signs on city land would create $1 million/year in lease revenue for the city which is enough for Oceanside to hire 5 police officers or to build and maintain a swimming pool. Digital signs serve as a community message center for Amber Alerts […]

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Chicago Billboard Recognizes Vehicles

Chevy Malibu is using the latest in digital technology on their new campaign. The Chicago Tribune has a terrific article about one of these digital signs on the Chicago tollway.  The promotion uses vehicle recognition technology to identify competing midsize sedans and instantly display ads aimed at their drivers. Great example of how data-based technology is finding its way into digital outdoor displays of all types, enabling advertisers to track, reach and target sell to consumers. Watching traffic 24/7, a […]

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Lightking Introduces New LED Billboard product line.

The future of LED billboards is here. Lightking Outdoor has unveiled their cutting-edge, patent-pending new product, the Air Series. The lightweight billboard is half the weight of standard LED billboards, has 25% lower wind-loads and allows air to flow through the product, making it self-cooling. The innovative design combines an aluminum exoskeleton and injection-molded louvered modules making it less necessary to reinforce billboard structures during retrofits, saving months of time and tens of thousands of dollars. The new technology also […]

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T-Rex Still Suing…and still settling.

Insider has written before about T-Rex lawsuits against digital billboard companies relating to patent infringement.  Daktronics, Formetco and Watchfire have settled with T-Rex so their customers are not at risk.  T-Rex has been expanding its litigation net to include non-billboard operators of digital sign networks.  During March, T-Rex sued: Zoom Media which operates a captive digital audience network in gyms Eye Corp which operates a network of indoor digital signs in shopping malls, bars, train stations and coffee shops ANC Sports […]

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Montana Transportation Commission Discusses Digital Signs and Transit Advertising

The Montana Transportation Commission is in the midst of a rulemaking to overhaul the sign code.  The Commission discussed the proposed rules at length in its January 28, 2016 meeting (see pages 14-26 of meeting minutes). KRTV and KTVH report Lamar is not happy with a proposed digital sign rule which would require electonic billboards to be at least 500 feet from any intersection.  A majority of city blocks are 300 feet long so the rule would prohibit digital signs in most Montana […]

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Formetco Announces Partnership With EBSCO

April 4, 2016.  Formetco Incorporated announces a strategic partnership with EBSCO Signs & Displays through which EBSCO will manage electronic message center production and marketing. Subsequently Formetco has developed and opened the LHG Innovation Center to support the rapid expansion of their FTX product line. Spurred by Formetco’s rapid growth in the LED display business a decision was made to reassign the electronic message center (EMC) sign business unit to another company, and re-purpose manufacturing space to the FTX business […]

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New York’s Highest Rated Single Board Converts To Digital

New York’s highest rated single static board has converted to digital.  The boards is at the entrance to Lincoln Tunnel and generates 500,000 impressions a week.  The board’s clients have included Tmobile, Yes, M&T Bank and Disney.  Branded Cities is selling the ads.  Branded Cities is a digital and spectacular media company which promotes national and local brands through its network of spectacular, static and digital billboards.  Steven Ellman is CEO.  VG Gupta is EVP and Chief Operating Officer.

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Ads in Motion Provides Mobile Digital Billboards.

Crains Cleveland did an article about Ads in Motion, an Ohio company which has mounted digital billboards on the side of a truck.  The company tows the signs to events and rents them out.  The company’s truck was used to run Kasich ads at a Trump rally in Ohio. Insider is skeptical.  Static billboards and digital billboards are on 24/7.  A mobile billboard is small and only on when it’s at an event so you’ve got a high investment and […]

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