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Greg Callaham on Billboard Design

Greg Callaham is an award-winning graphic designer with over 30 years experience in advertising and marketing whose work consistently receives national recognition for creative excellence. He runs Greg Callaham Graphic Design, a Chattanooga, Tennessee-based design studio specializing in outdoor advertising. He has designed over 10,000 billboards.  Insider has used and can recommend Callaham’s design services.  Insider talked with Callaham this week about billboard design. Greg, how’d you happen to get involved in the outdoor industry? I transitioned from newspaper to […]

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Company of The Day: Norton Outdoor

Company: Norton Outdoor Market: Cincinnati, Ohio. Headquarters: 5280 Kennedy Avenue, Cincinnati, OH 2016 Billboard Insider Website Ranking: 32nd out of 246 companies. Norton Outdoor is a private, family owned outdoor company which was started by Jerry Norton in 1949. The company is run by Jerry Norton’s sons. Tom Norton is CEO. Dan Norton is President. Jerry Norton’s grandson Mike is an EVP. The company began by offering cheap 6 by 12 posters, which became known as Eight Sheets, and have […]

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DOMedia’s Ken Sahlin On Online Outdoor Ad Buying

Columbus, OH headquartered DOmedia provides cloud-based technology to facilitate online ad buying and selling. The company’s products have powered over $1 billion in ad transactions. Yesterday DOmedia announced an extension of online ad buying tools. Insider DOmedia CEO Ken Sahlin about online outdoor ad buying. ​Ken, give us a short overview of D​O​media’s products and how they benefit outdoor companies DOmedia is the industry’s most comprehensive, “free to search, free to post” OOH marketplace; some of the largest agencies in […]

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Company of The Day: Land Displays

Company: Land Displays Markets: Berks County, Schuylkill County and Montgomery County, Pennsylvania. Headquarters: 1350 Schuylkill Ave, Reading, PA. 2016 Billboard Insider Website Ranking: 31 out of 246 outdoor companies. The company incorporates billboard rides and a promotional video into a youtube page in addition to its website. Land Displays operates 15 digital billboard faces, 3 trivision faces, 65 bulletin faces and 136 poster panel faces in Pennsylvania. The Company was founded in May 1995 by Jim Landrigan after spending 18 […]

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Max Drachman Says Outdoor Market Is Strong

Max Drachman is an outdoor advertising investment banker with Kalil and Co. Drachman talked with us earlier this month about outdoor values and trends in the transaction market. What trends did you see in the transactions market in late 2015. From our perspective, the end of 2015 was consistent with what we saw throughout the calendar year, which was very strong for Outdoor M&A. Multiples were still ranging between 8x-14x BCF (Billboard Cash Flow). We see those multiples tied closer […]

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5 Design Tips For A Great Outdoor Advertising Website

Insider has compiled five tips for a great outdoor advertising website.  The tips come out of the time Insider spends evaluating outdoor websites in order to compile the annual Billboard Insider Outdoor Website rankings. Don’t overdue animations. It’s very easy to distract your viewers with clouds blowing across the screen, sliding signs, hummingbirds, automatic videos, or sliders which slide too fast. Flash makes your site load slower. Make it easy for advertisers to find your signs. That’s why they visit. […]

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Billboard Insider Interview With Vertical Bridge CEO Alex Gellman

Looking the generate communications income from leasing space on your outdoor signs to communications and data companies? Talk to Vertical Bridge. Vertical Bridge Holdings is the largest US private owner and manager of wireless telecommunications infrastructure. In September the company announced a partnership with Clear Channel Outdoor giving Vertical Bridge exclusive rights to antenna and small cell site deployment across clear Channel’s footprint. Insider interviewed Vertical Bridge CEO Alex Gellman this week. Gellman has a BS from Tufts University and […]

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Tony Mariani on Recycling Vinyl for Cash

Tony Mariani of DDI Media has developed an innovative program for turning used vinyl into cash. During 2014 DDI handled 2,267 vinyl wraps. He saves old vinyl and sells it individually at $25/each of for $600 for a pallet of 40. He markets via word of mouth and an ad on DDI’s website (see picture). Some clients like Budweiser won’t let Tony sell old vinyl in order to protect brand image. Tony sells the vinyl to salvage experts, farmers and […]

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Interview With Billboard Lawyer Adam Webb

Adam Webb is an expert in billboard law. If you deal with a billboard company in the southeast, chances are Adam is the company’s counsel. Adam is a managing partner at Webb, Klase & Lemond, a Georgia law firm. Adam can be reached at 770-444-0773 or Insider asked Adam about some trends in billboard law earlier this week. Adam, how’d you get involved in the billboard business? I worked for a First Amendment law firm that represented newspapers and […]

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