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From The Archives: Trent Lindmark on Vinyl Printing

We are repopulating our archives by republishing important posts.  This interview was originally published November 16, 2015. Not many vinyl printers know what it’s like on a billboard scaffold. Trent Lindmark is the exception. He entered the outdoor business in 1993 working for his grandfather in Amarillo, Texas. Trent grew Lindmark Outdoor Advertising to 1,800 faces before selling and purchasing Blue Sky Outdoor in 2011. Blue Sky has 700 faces scattered around Oklahoma and also operates Blue Sky Digital Printing […]

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Company of The Day: Wolverine Sign Works

Company:  Wolverine Sign Works Markets: Michigan, Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana, Illinois, Minnesota, Iowa, North Dakota, South Dakota. Headquarters: 923 Bradley Street, Owosso, MI  48867 Phone: 800-535-7446 Email: Wolverine Sign works was founded in 1916 by a couple traveling salesmen who were staying at a hotel in Sandusky, Michigan.  They decided to start a sign rental company, borrowed against their life insurance to get started, located in Owosso and the business grew from there.   The company operates 1000 billboard locations […]

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Critics Overstate Digital Billboard Power Use

Britt McConnel’s post earlier this week on digital billboard electric use was terrific.  Many people have the perception that digital signs are energy hogs.  Insider read this quote yesterday in an anti-billboard editorial in The Daily Gazette: “Even though digital billboards are made of energy-efficient LED lights, they are so large they consume a huge amount of energy — 30 times the energy the average American home uses, according to a 2010 study by Philadelphia-based architectural designer and urban planner […]

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Since When Is a Comic Strip Evidence? has posted an article titled “Digital billboards are an urban blight and probably dangerous too”.   And what’s the evidence? A comic strip. A Virginia Tech study of distracted drivers which studied texting, using a phone, reading, writing, using a touch screen menu and looking at an auto instrument panel panel.  Nothing in the study addressed billboards. A statement that “safety advocates and lawyers in Orange County, Los Angeles and throughout California” claim that digital signs contribute to car […]

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Stott Outdoor

Company: Stott Outdoor Markets: California, Nevada. Headquarters: PO Box 7209, Chico, CA  95927. Phone: 888-342-7868 Stott Outdoor has been in since 1949.  The company’s plant is concentrated in Chico, Paradise, Oroville, Yuba City and Modesto California.  The company operates bulletins, posters and a transit advertising business.   General Manager Jim Moravec is an OAAA Board Member.  

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Jim McLaughlin On What It Takes To Be A Good Outdoor Sales Rep

Insider asked CEO Jim McLaughlin of Signal Outdoor about the qualities it takes to succeed as an outdoor advertising account rep.  Signal was established in 1998 and operates 10,500 transit, bus shelter, campus and billboard displays in 100 municipalities. Jim, what are the qualities of a good outdoor sales rep? Should have a curious nature in order to ask the right questions of prospective customers. This allows us to build an understanding of the customer’s needs. Should be able to […]

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From The Archives: Dwight Jennings of Smartlink

We are repopulating our archives by reposting important articles.  Insider published this interview on December 21, 2015.  The story is worth rerunning.  Dwight Jennings has developed a terrific product to help you remotely manage and monitor your billboards. Read this interview if you’ve had clients complain that billboard lights are off or if you think your power bill is too high. Dwight Jennings is the President and CEO of Outdoorlink, Inc. He founded the company in 2007 after a 40+ […]

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Red Bank Tennessee Passes Sign and Billboard Moratorium

The Chattanoogan reports that Red Bank Tennessee has passed a one year city-wide sign and billboard moratorium while city leaders decide on new billboard rules for the central business district. Insider’s take: Seems like overkill to put a moratorium in place in the entire city just so you can decide what the rules should be for one small part of the city.

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Samsung Yesco Update

Samsung has been quiet following its March 2015 acquisition of Yesco.  Insider’s found a 90 second video on Samsung’s approach to LED signage  but not much else. A Business Wire announcement on Samsung’s appearance at the upcoming Digital Signage Expo highlights the following Samsung initiatives: smart signage for the fast food industry a 55 inch screen. indoor signage Insider’s take: Not a word about large digital billboards.  Is Samsung deemphasizing this market segment?

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From The Archives: Brent Baer On The Outdoor Business

Here’s a November 23, 2015 interview we did with Brent Baer on the outdoor business.  Brent is now an executive with Signal Outdoor. Brent Baer has 36 years experience as an outdoor advertising operator and vendor. He entered the outdoor business in 1979 as a Gannett Outdoor Grand Rapids sales rep. He’s been an executive at Gannett, Starlite, Adams, Martin Media and Olympus. Brent has also worked for Posterscope and is Worldwide Sales Manager for Intermap Technologies, which sells online […]

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