• What’s next in Tennessee?

    Martin Daniel, Owner, Elevation Outdoor

    In addition to owning Elevation Outdoor, Martin Daniel sits in the Tennessee House of Representatives.  Insider talked with Daniel about what’s next in Tennessee following the US Sixth Court of Appeal’s September 11 ruling that Tennessee’s billboard law is unconstitutional.

    Will a special session be called to deal with the billboard law?

    No, per the Federal Rules of Appellate Procedure, there is a stay in place(maintaining the status quo) until the Court rules on the state’s Motion for Reconsideration en Banc.  I do not expect the Court to rule on the Motion for Reconsideration until some time in October, possibly later.

    When do you think the legislature will take up the issue? 

    January 2020, however, if the stay is still in place we may postpone consideration for a few months.

    What are some possible legislative solutions and are you optimistic something can get passed? 

    I expect that we will model our law after the Texas and Oregon solutions, with some modifications.  Yes, it should pass.


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