• Veale Outdoor acquires TGK billboards

    Tom Jackson, General Manager, Veale Outdoor

    Yesterday Veale Outdoor announced the acquisition of TKG outdoor. Kalil and Co represented the buyer.  Johnsen Fretty represented the seller.

    Insider talked to Veale Outdoor’s General Manager Tom Jackson.

    What’s the TKG plant like?  

    TKG was an independent billboard company with structures along I-80 between SF Bay area and Sacramento. The signs are well located and they complement our existing digital unit along I-80 near U. C. Davis.

    What got you interested in the acquisition? 

    We been working to expand our inventory for a few years and the purchase of TKG made sense from an overall business operations as it will provide us an opportunity to increase our offerings to our existing advertisers and new advertisers.

    Would you like to do more acquisitions?     

    Yes, we are looking to continue to expand.

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    1. Hey Dave,

      FWIW, Kalil represented the buyer on this transaction and Johnsen, Fretty & Co represented the seller. I am not sure that was clear from the above summary. Thanks,

      Jim Johnsen

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