• Transformation Media Billboard Helps Trucking Firm Fill Positions

    Insider loves to hear about successful out of home sales stories. Transformation Media  Account Executive, Cheryl Adams has a great story which demonstrates the power of saying “Yes” to a client combined with innovative creative design.   Insider loves the can-do attitude which Cheryl and Transformation Media showed.

    Cheryl, what was the project?  

    A recruiting campaign to help the customer identify qualified, prospective truck drivers.  To set the company apart from other “drivers wanted” designs, we added extensions and LED lighting to the headlights.

    Where did the idea come from?

    The client had never used outdoor advertising before and was unsure whether it would be an effective medium for attracting new drivers, but knew he needed a means to get his message out.  In southwestern Pennsylvania, demand is high for quality drivers so we knew the design had to be special, and the message had to market Coyle Trucking as a company good drivers wanted to work for.  I identified a location on Interstate 70, south of Pittsburgh that is traveled heavily by truck traffic. The owner wanted to use a picture of the truck his father had customized on the board, so we created some spec art with extensions and proposed the LED lights as an added feature.

    Where there any challenges in the execution? 

    Since he wanted to use a specific truck, I had to spend time in his yard, in awkward positions, trying to get the right picture.  Our contractor, Dave Zahand with Mon Valley Signs did a great job fabricating a good fixture shape to ensure the LED lights looked real based on the angle of the truck.  The lights are on 24/7 and look incredible both day and night.

    What were the results?

    • Within 24 hours of the billboard being installed the advertiser had their first applicant call in.
    • In the first month, Coyle had started the hiring process with two candidates from the billboard and their volume of applicants has increased substantially since.
    • I am working with the owner on additional sites to expand his search and market other components of his business.

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