• The buzz over Netflix and Regency

    We wrote last week about Regency’s $150 million purchase of 32 billboards from Regency.  Here’s what people are saying about the transaction.

    Nancy Fletcher says that Netflix has great creative and will use the billboards to sustain the Netflix brand.

    Reuters correspondent Lisa Ritchwine says “The billboards on the Sunset Strip are seen by all of the big-time actresses, actors, celebrities, writers, directors, and those are the people Netflix wants to impress.  That’s particularly important because Netflix has a lot of programming and the people making those shows want to know they are being recognized.”  You can watch Ritchwine’s interview here.

    CNET says Netflix goes old school with Hollywood billboards.

    For an example of how Netflix uses Sunset Strip billboards to generate buzz for programming look at this tweet from actress Christy St John.

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