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    Rothfelder on the PA Tax Decision

    The  Chichester School District, et al opinion from the Commonwealth Court of Pennsylvania reported in […]

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    Richard Rothfelder On The OAAA Legal Seminar

    I attended, for about the 15th time in a row, the bi-annual OAAA Legal Seminar […]

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    Rothfelder on “Art vs. Sign”

    By now, most of us have read in Billboard Insider and other publications about the […]

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    Rothfelder answers another easement question.

    Insider received a followup question in response to Richard Rothfelder’s article on taxes, foreclosures and […]

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    Texas passes new height and admin rules

    By Richard Rothfelder, Rothfelder and Falick The Texas Transportation Commission has been holding public hearings, […]

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    The Texas Highway Beautification Court Decision and Its Aftermath

    On August 26, 2016, the Texas Appeals Court for the Third District in Austin voided […]

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