Statsig Runs on Hundreds of San Francisco Billboards

SAN FRANCISCO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Seattle-based startup Statsig, a leader in the product experimentation space, announced itself to San Francisco in a very noticeable way, reinforcing itself as a key player in revolutionizing how businesses use data to build products.

Founded in 2021 by former Facebook engineers, Statsig has quickly risen to prominence by empowering companies of all sizes to harness Big Tech-level product development tools. With its advanced feature flagging tools, automated A/B testing, and integrated product analytics, Statsig is democratizing access to world-class product development tools.

With its latest brand takeover in the heart of San Francisco, Statsig is hard to miss—and it’s a company that shouldn’t be. With customers like Atlassian, Notion, OfferUp, WhatNot, and over 3,000 self-service customers, Statsig helps tech companies of all sizes build a culture of experimentation. The company’s integrated toolkit – which includes experimentation, feature flags, and product analytics – is set to transform the landscape of tech development.

Joel Witten, The Head of Data at another successful Seattle startup, Rec Room, stated, “Statsig makes it a breeze to implement experiments with complex targeting logic, and we feel confident that we’re getting back trusted results. Statsig is the first commercially available A/B testing tool that feels like it was built by people who really get product experimentation.”

After working for over two decades at Microsoft and Facebook, Statsig CEO and Founder Vijaye Raji saw firsthand how great experimentation and feature management tools were for building a culture of rapid innovation. When he looked at the existing solutions, they were too complex and expensive for most companies. “We built Statsig to give any team access to the same capabilities available at big tech companies in an affordable, self-serve platform, with no limitation on who can use it (we don’t charge for seats),” stated Raji.

San Francisco staple, Brex is also on a mission to help startups reach their potential and they rely on Statsig to advance that mission. “Statsig is now helping our engineers move fast. It has been a game-changer to automate the manual lift typical to running experiments, and has helped product teams ship the right features to their users quickly,” said Brex’s President and CPO, Karandeep Anand.

When it comes to using low-tech strategies to advertise to highly technical customers, Statsig has adopted a uniquely balanced approach. “We provide data for better decision-making, and we know the value of data firsthand. Our research shows that while our customers are highly engaged in the technical world, they also take time offline, and that is where we plan to meet them,” Raji adds, highlighting the company’s strategy to connect with customers beyond digital platforms.

“This approach is not just about capturing the market; it’s about setting new industry standards. We’re not just playing the game; we’re changing it, and I am confident that this will drive our growth for our customers, big and small, in the upcoming years,” asserts Raji.

San Francisco has some of the most competitive billboard brand plays in the market. From FinTech start-up Brex and their brilliant competitor takeout campaigns, to the biggest out-of-home campaign San Francisco has ever seen with Hirect in 2022, big tech sees big value and is banking on people engaging with out-of-home advertising.

As Statsig continues to grow and innovate, its message to San Francisco is clear: Statsig is not just a Pacific Northwest success story, it is a world-wide solution, democratizing the tools of big tech for all.

About Statsig

Statsig is the leading product experimentation platform that helps businesses use data to ship fast and build better products. Companies like Microsoft, Figma, Notion, Flipkart, Eventbrite, Ancestry, Headspace, and Univision use Statsig to manage feature rollouts, automate experiments, and make decisions based on performance metrics. Founded in 2021 by former Facebook engineers, Statsig supports thousands of experiments impacting over a billion end users globally. Statsig democratizes experimentation, an essential aspect of reducing development risk, and previously only accessible to big tech companies.


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  1. The Ad Agency that created the campaign is San Francisco-based Division of Labor.