• Static Billboards Still Make Sense

    Built for $39,000 and now worth $94,000.

    Static billboards are a good investment.  Just ask Justin Powell or Grey Vick or the Schober brothers or Sammy Estes.  Earlier this week Insider wrote about a 10′ by 30′ new build in New Prague, Minnesota.  The completed billboard is worth 2.5 times construction cost.

    Project:  10 by 30 billboard.  Steel monopole.

    Location:  Highway 21, New Prague Minnesota

    Project Cost:  $38,600, including permitting, steel and fabrication.

    Revenue:  $1,000/month.

    Lease Cost: $216/month

    Utilities: None.

    Billboard Cashflow:  $784/month or $9,408 annualized.

    Cash Return on Investment:   24% consisting of $9,408 cashflow divided by $38,600 project cost.

    Value of sign at 10X billboard cashflow:  $93,080 or 2.5 times construction cost.

    Insider’s take:  You can make good money with a smaller sign on secondary roads if you keep your construction and lease costs in line.

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    1. Dave, do you have the contact info for the people who built the 10′ by 30′ new build in New Prague, Minnesota? I’m planning on a static board build in CA next year and would like to find out where they bought the steel structure.
      Mike Brown

    2. billboardinsider says:

      Mike, I sent you a private message.

      Dave Westburg
      Publisher, Billboard Insider