• Shoutouts to Watchfire, Reagan, EMC, Stott, Daktronics and Veale

    Watchfire is running coronavirus healthcare messages on LED signs atop  maintenance trucks.

    Watchfire has also blogged on using digital signs to promote conoravirus awareness.

    Reagan Outdoor Advertising  has partnered with the Chattanooga Chamber of Commerce to run ads to help unemployed people.

    EMC Outdoor has a timely post called Weathering the Storm: The Importance of Advertising Through an Economic Downturn.  The takeaway: “the McGraw-Hill study of brands during the U.S. recessions of the early 1980’s …tells us that of the 600 businesses they analyzed, those who continued to advertise during the 1980-1982 recession were 256% ahead of their competitors who didn’t advertise.”

    Stott Outdoor is running ads reminding people that restaurants are open for takeout.

    Daktronics has PSA content available on its website for Venus 1500 Users.

    Veale outdoor is running coronavirus PSA’s on its digital billboards.

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    1. Dave,
      Like I mentioned yesterday, I am sold out on my 2 digitals. One of my slots is a half rotation – the other half rotation I use for company use, local community information, Chamber events, etc. Currently, I am running the Daktronics COVID ads like you reference in your blog today. I have had many comments on it. Just letting you know even in small communities, we can make an impact.

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