• Scenic America Says No More Power Lines

    In a Pittsburgh Post-Gazette article, Scenic America National President Mark Falzone took time from his advocating for reducing the number ofbillboards to say:

    “When we’re looking at a riverscape, we don’t want to have overhead wires marring the view,”

    Mr Falzone went on to state:

     “No more vegetation management, better reliability of service … less downed wires that they have to go out and repair. … We believe when you add up all of the benefits of undergrounding, I think we’re going to be able to make the case.”

    Scenic America was in town to support the efforts of the local Scenic Pittsburgh affiliate led by Mike Dawida, Executive Director. Insider reported recently on the Sprint Brighter Future for All sign.  Last month the city faced off in oral arguments with Lamar Advertising over the sign.

    Apparently, Scenic America is preparing to release a report that bolsters the economics of putting the wires underground.

    Bill Paduto

    A spokesman for Pittsburgh Mayor Bill Peduto, put the subject into context.

    “Mayor Peduto has said many times that if he had a magic wand moving utility lines underground is one of the first things he’d do with his newfound powers. Unfortunately we’ve found it’s just too expensive to do on a wide basis.”

    Insiders Take – It can be difficult to put into words the lack of perspective some groups have about, “just support my issue and I don’t care the cost to taxpayers and small businesses”.  Here is a statement from the Scenic America president that might provide some insight.

    There is a place for billboards and even electronic signs, said Mr. Falzone, citing Times Square in New York City and the Las Vegas Strip.

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