• Scenic America President Wades Into Pittsburgh Controversy

    Lamar and the city of Pittsburgh have been having a long running dispute over the Mt. Washington sign.  Scenic America’s President Mark Falzone is going to wade into the controversy.  Here’s what he said yesterday on an interview on KDKA

    When you come to Pittsburgh next week who are you going to see?

    Scenic Pittsburgh is one of our strongest affiliates in the country.  That’s one of the reasons I’m coming…we’re going to be meeting with a bunch of folks to see how we can take a lot of the successes that Scenic Pittsburgh has had and replicate them across the country.

    You’re also  going to wade into the controversy over the sign on Mt Washington right?

    Well you know that Sprint sign on Mt Washington.  Point State park is such a treasure…its such a gorgeous gorgeous area…yet you have this billboard you know that is the one blight in this otherwise beautiful landscape.  Scenic Pittsburgh has offered several times to buy the billboard but unfortunately the advertising company won’t sell it.

    Insider’s take:  The 5 minute interview is worth listening to so you can understand your opponents.  Falzone says digital signs are unsafe.  Refer people to the FHWA study which says that digital signs don’t distract drivers. Falzone says billboard advertising doesn’t work.  Top billboard advertisers McDonalds, Apple, GEICO, American Express, Google, Amazon and Coca-Cola think otherwise as do a whole lot of Pittsburgh businesses.

    This Pittsburgh business bought billboard space to attract employees to Pittsburgh…

    Here’s a local union used a Pittsburgh billboard as a free speech exercise…

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