• Readers comment on Lamar v Los Angeles County

    Insider reviewed a permitting dispute between Lamar and Los Angeles County yesterday.  Insider wondered whether Lamar took too hard a line.  Most readers supported Lamar’s stance.   Here are the comments.

    “I was the GM for Lamar on the entire deal. It’s simplistic and short on facts to imply that after that many years and that much resource, we didn’t pay $2000 to solve our problem.”

    “Lamar’s actions were correct under the circumstances. When we the citizenry of this country allow our officials to behave poorly, the bureaucratic actions become more and more onerous. No bureaucracy in recorded history has ever willingly reduced regulations or relinquished control once established. Lamar may have lost the battle, but the war against unreasonable regulations continues.”

    “One of the most important freedoms we have in America is property rights. Lamar just fought for all of our rights and they should be saluted. Consider a donation to Lamar or at least, be grateful.”

    “If Lamar could have simply paid $2,000 to solve the problem it probably would have been done. I sense that there is more to this story.
    Also, paying $2,000 to the municipality to protect your rights is akin to extortion.”

    “Definitely should have taken the deal at $2K. They didn’t do what they should have in the beginning, so they were already on the wrong side of it, and when dealing with government entities, they should have known better than to push it too far. I’m not sure what Lamar was thinking, but they sure got that one wrong!”

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