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    Rate This Board allows a billboard designer to rate a billboard ad using the following scale: 1 (not good), 2 (below average), 3 (average), 4 (very good), 5 (great).  Then the designer recommends how to improve the ad.  This week’s rating is provided by Melody Roberts, an OBIE nominated billboard designer and founder of Out of Home Creative, an outdoor advertising design firm specializing in out of home design for businesses, agencies, media buyers and out of home companies. Melody has been in the outdoor industry since 1999. Insider uses and endorses her services.

    David & Associates

    Rating 2 (below average

    Please Note: For all ratings, I don’t know if a client insisted on certain elements or how much experience the designer had with out of home advertising. My recommendations requested by Billboard Insider are based on how I would approach the creative design.

    • I’m giving this a rating of two because there is contrast and legibility for this advertisement, but there is no creativity or originality. There’s nothing that sets this attorney’s office apart from the next injury attorney, and it is very basic
    • I would have suggested the client list their top three practice areas other than “Injured” because they already have “Injury” listed in their company name. They listed “Auto Accidents,” but it is lost on the bottom banner, and I think they’re using this as a hiring Ad too (?), which I would have advised against because it seems unrelated to the main message.
    • I would have made the tier level of importance as follows; Name of practice, top three practice areas, and large phone number.
    • Even though the Yellow stands out, I would have used colors and typestyles to make the overall advertisement more professional looking. Sometimes a visual of an injury will also help the layout and set the tone for the type of colors and fonts to be used alongside it. As an example, I recently redesigned an injury attorney’s transit shelter but used a different approach by trying to convey an emotion through an image in hopes it would capture people’s attention.

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    1. john p altman says:

      This firm is here in Wilmington, NC. They have many different designs. Some better than others. Huge advocates for OOH.