• Rate This Board by Greg Callaham

    Rate This Board allows a billboard designer to rate a random piece of billboard artwork using the following scale: 1 (not good), 2 (below average), 3 (average), 4 (very good), 5 (great). Then the designer talks about what they may have done differently for outdoor advertising. This weeks rating is provided by Greg Callaham www.gregcallaham.com) who has 30 years of experience in outdoor advertising design.  Insider uses and endorses Callaham’s services.

    Be a Shark

    Rating: 1 (not good)

    • I have children so my brain went immediately to the “Baby Shark” song. However the slogan makes me wonder if this was supposed to reference the theme for “Jaws.” As you can see, there is ambiguity clouding the message after simply reading the tag line.
    • The next challenge is the slogan. Why is it so small? What does it mean? I had to go to their web site, which is not included on the billboard, to find out. It’s a play on words involving “school.”
    • With a small logo, small slogan, small hash tag, this board does a poor job of explaining what it is advertising. But is does get one or two songs stuck in your head. This one earns a 1 (not good).

    If given the opportunity I would have pushed the advertiser in the following direction:

    Paid Advertisement

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    One Comment

    1. I am so glad you rated this at (1). I did the same. I like the strong imagery, but the creative is completely off. As a new parent, I just recently learned the Baby Shark song, so I recognize the lyrics. However, I think the advertisement is not aligned with younger folks (presumably the demographic) who aren’t likely to know the song. I think the advertiser got married to the idea and failed to let it go even though it didn’t make sense. It also deserves a (1) rating for getting that song stuck in my head.