• Rate This Board By Greg Callaham

    Rate This Board allows a billboard designer to rate a random piece of billboard artwork using the following scale: 1 (not good), 2 (below average), 3 (average), 4 (very good), 5 (great). Then the designer talks about what they may have done differently for outdoor advertising. This weeks rating is provided by Greg Callaham (www.gregcallaham.com) who has 30 years of experience in outdoor advertising design.  Insider uses and endorses Callaham’s services.

    Fight the Bite

    Rating: 5 (great)

    • This Burnum-Hahn  board is an excellent application of the KISS principle: Keep It Super Simple.
    • The business name in the blue rectangle is large enough to read well, giant bugs draw the eye, the bright red headline is a memorable rhyme, and it’s followed by an easy-to-remember phone number.
    • Everything contrasts nicely with the background, boosting legibility.
    • I might have made the phone number a little larger, but that may simply be a matter of personal preference. This one earns a 5 (great).

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    One Comment

    1. John James says:

      Thank you for rating this billboard! I love that one of my clients made it to be rated! Burnum-Hahn Exterminators operates in Tuscaloosa, AL and couldn’t be happier with their OOH advertising.