• Queensland, New Zealand Bans junk food out of home ads

    This ad was prohibited by a Transport of London junk food ban because it pictured bacon and butter in the midst of organic, locally sourced fruits and vegetables.

    Queensland New Zealand has banned junk food ads at 2,000 outdoor advertising sites owned by the government.  “Young people use public transport, they’re exposed to this sort of marketing, its a wallpaper in their lives.” says a government spokesman.  An opposition politician responds:”We think the Government should be focusing on hospital beds, not billboards.”

    Insider’s take:  Well-intentioned ad bans are often hopelessly muddled during implementation.  A Transport of London policy banning junk food prevented a local organic food company from running ads which happened to show fresh local butter and bacon in the middle of an ad which was mostly locally sourced food and produce.

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