• London Nanny State Overreach

    Insider has written before about Transport of London’s nanny-state ban on junk food advertising. The policy is having unintended consequences.  Look at this ad for a UK-based Farmdrop which specializes in delivering fresh, organic, local meat and product to consumers.  It was banned because the ad includes a picture of bacon and butter.

    Ad which was banned by Transport of London

    Insider’s take: Junk food ad bans are hard to implement.  Everyone thinks they know what junk food is but turning it into a reasonable regulation is difficult.  The typical regulation by sledge hammer approach is to ban foods with high fat, sugar or salt content.  But what’s junk to one person is gourmet food to another.  Is small batch artisan cheese junk food?  What about gourmet chocolate or gourmet ice cream?  Are we going to permit an ad for espresso but exclude an ad for a breve because it’s got a dollop of half and half?

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