• Professor Rick Wilson on the Effectiveness of Out of Home Advertising

    Rick Wilson, Associate Professor of Marketing, Texas State University

    The OAAA has been emphasizing attribution research this year.  The idea is to provide hard data to out of home buyers on how out of home advertising influences consumer behavior.  The OAAA hired Rick Wilson, Associate Professor of Texas State University, San Marcos to review the data.  Here are the results which Wilson presented at the OAAA 2019.

    What was studied.

    45 cases in which a control group of consumers who didn’t see out of home ads were compared with a group of consumers who saw out of home ads.  Both groups had their physical movements tracked using a mobile app or mobile technology.

    The studies examined how out of home advertising increased key performance indicators.  The key performance indicators were:

    • Ad Recall. Whether a consumer remembered seeing an ad for a brand.
    • Purchase Consideration. A consumer’s interest in a brand.
    • Purchase Intent. A consumer’s interest in purchasing a brand.
    • Store Visits. A consumer visiting a store to purchase a brand.

    The results

    Out of home advertising caused a statistically significant increase in every key indicator when it was added to an advertising plan.

    Key Performance Indicator

    Average Increase from Including Out of Home in an Advertising Plan

    Store Visits


    Ad Recall


    Purchase Intent


    Purchase Consideration


    Insider’s Take

    Out of Home has long been known as a top of the funnel medium which promotes brand awareness.  Wilson’s study, however, shows that Out of Home can be effective at bottom of the funnel medium promoting store visits.  Vistar’s study of out of home and consumer packaged goods makes the same point.

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