• Digital Out of Home Reaches Consumer Packaged Goods Shoppers

    Lucy Markowitz, VP National Sales, Vistar Media

    Vistar Media and MFour just completed a research project on consumer packaged goods and out of home.  Insider talked with Vistar VP of National Sales Lucy Markowitz about the study.

    Lucy, what did Vistar and MFour study?

    We looked at people’s purchasing behaviors and preferences around consumer packaged goods (CPG). That’s things like beverages, groceries, over-the-counter pharmaceutical drugs as well as personal care items (things like body wash, shampoo).  Vistar Media wanted to get a better idea of how the different screens people encounter during the day (e.g. billboards, digital screens, mobile phones and other advertising) influenced perceptions of consumer packaged goods products.

    We surveyed 1,000 consumers in the month of February, asking a variety of questions about shopping preferences and opinions about advertising. As a programmatic out of home company, one of the hopes was to find out if consumers were receptive to out of home in this category specifically.

    What did you find?

    Out of home is the most trusted channel among consumer packaged goods shoppers.

    Out-of-home screens are the prime location for advertising, with 66% of consumers reporting out of home or mobile as the top for where they prefer to see ads.

    Out-of-home advertising is trusted. 53% of consumers state they truly believe the messaging seen in out-of-home ads, ranking higher than any other advertising format.

    Digital out-of-home is highly noticeable among shoppers. 98% of consumer packaged goods shoppers had noticed digital screen advertisements.Digital out-of-home is one of the only media channels that reach consumer packaged goods shoppers throughout the entirety of the purchase funnel.  It can reach them driving to a store and before they walk into a store and at the register. If you’re trying to reach someone at the point-of-purchase or on a trip to the mall a desktop isn’t the way.

    Were any findings surprising?

    The fact that 91% of packaged goods shoppers prefer to shop in stores versus online was surprising. While we hear a lot about the rise of e-commerce, this strong in-store behavior underscores the importance of reaching consumers on the way to a store and in a store, through digital out-of-home advertising.

    Only 17% of consumer packaged goods shoppers said they buy the same brand all the time.  So understanding that people may be open to switching was a surprise…It shows that there’s an opportunity for brands.  If you can reach someone when they are in the right mindset thinking about your product, you have a real chance that they may buy it.  Out-of-home is often pitched top of the funnel, but there’s an opportunity to influence conversion at that point-of-purchase moment.

    How can people learn more about the study?

    You can download the entire report at this link.

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