• New School of Social Research erects blank billboard.

    Dr. Uwe Witgenstein, Professor or Post-Modern Journalism, New School of Social Research

    New York’s New School of Social Research has erected a “subjective billboard” which consists of a blank frame.  Uwe Witgenstein, a professor in the school’s journalism department, says that New School purchased the billboard as a thought experiment:

    “This is an experiment in subjectivity.  The billboard becomes whatever the mind of the observer wants it to be.  The Germans have a seven syllable word for this –  Gertrawerzeinfellerstauch –  meaning content which is subjectively interpreted by the viewer.”

    Witgenstein says next year the New School for Social Research will publish a summary of the experiment in a pageless book.

    And tomorrow is April Fools Day.

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    1. ha ha ha! I read till the end! Funny 🙂