• More on Cannabis Ads

    Badger Outdoor Consulting’s Paul Sara had this to say in response to yesterday’s story on cannabis advertising:

    Paul Sara, Badger Outdoor Consulting

    The legalization of marijuana could become an opportunity as well as problematic for the Outdoor industry. Although it will become legal in many states, it will always be controversial for those who don’t agree with its legalization.

    Adding to the controversy will be the marketing of the product. With regard to Outdoor, location and quantity of marijuana ads will be a major factor.

    Political, gentlemen’s clubs, alcohol are just some examples of outdoor that have raised the ire of those opposed to such products and services even though they are legal. Many of us can recall the slew of PR problems tobacco ads caused the outdoor industry only to end with the Master Settlement of 1998.

    My advice to outdoor companies accepting Marijuana advertising would be to be very sensitive to its placement, quantity and content. Also, check your leases to see what product restriction it may have. It could result in the termination of a lease if the terms are violated.

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