• Marijuana Billboard Sparks Boycott Threats

    KIRO 7 reports that some citizens are threatening to boycott the Thurston County car repair business which sits below a billboard which is running a marijuana ad.  The problem is that the owners of the auto shop aren’t the landowners.  They simply rent the space as does Lamar which owns the billboard.  The news report says the advertisement on the billboard is a poster which gets swapped around so maybe the boycott threats will go away when the copy is changed.

    Insider’s take: This case points to some of the difficulties which can be created for your landlord or your landlord’s tenants by marijuana advertising or for that matter any controversial advertising.  You need to be especially thoughtful about the local community’s preferences when deciding what copy runs where.

    What’s your approach to marijuana advertising?  Let Insider know using the form below.  We’ll do a followup story.

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