• Meet “Albert” From SprayPrinter


    SprayPrinter announced last week in conjunction with GO2018 that they had become a member of OAAA.

    Dan Grumley, Executive Vice President at SprayPrinter provided the following:

    SprayPrinter and its Robot “Albert” are pleased to have joined the OAAA

    SprayPrinter has developed a robot that is fondly referred to as “Albert”. Albert was developed specifically by the SprayPrinter team to paint images in any size to any surface. Albert has painted on such extreme structures as a 500 foot smoke stack. Brick surfaces, wood surfaces, vinyl surfaces – it doesn’t matter, Albert paints them all with ease and never gets tired. In fact, Albert can paint over old vinyl billboards without pre-coating.

    Two outstanding values that SprayPrinter offers with the use of Albert:

    • much more cost-effective painting and
    • significant reduction in the time required.

    SprayPrinter.com is committed to add value with the focus on art – “Art enhances ads”.

    Here you can see a 1 minute video introducing our robot Albert:




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    1. This is Awesome!!!! Coolest paint system