• Intersection Puts Range Rover atop CTA station

    To promote the launch of the new Range Rover Evoque, Land Rover created a first-of-its-kind installation in Chicago that will stop people in their tracks: a Range Rover Evoque on top of the CTA’s Chicago and State entrance. Land Rover partnered with Intersection, Posterscope, DentsuX, Illumivation, and Spark44 to create a unique out-of-home experience that reaches and engages thousands of multi-modal commuters, including CTA riders and passersby each day. Through this larger than life installation, Land Rover is extending their showroom experience to the streets in a creative, new way.
    Insider asked Intersection a couple questions about this unusual installation.

    Was it difficult to design support to put the car on top of the station?  

    The vehicle’s weight presented a unique challenge, so Illumivation designed a structure that can safely support the weight of the vehicle on the ground rather than on the street furniture. This means the structure is fully free-standing and can be reactivated for other campaigns in the future.

    Who handled the insurance for the project?

    Illumivation managed the permitting and insurance logistics for this project.

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    1. I’m a Real Estate Manager at Lamar in Dallas. I’m interested in more details about the permitting with the City of Chicago on this installation. Such a great project and was wondering how hard it was to work with the City to allow this installation on presumed public R/O/W?

    2. @Jeff Shelton: We did that. We’re Illumivation, masters of permitting and pulling off the your dream projects haha. Chicago is hard to enter but once you’re in and you make sure to play by all the rules they begin to trust you. They trust us a lot now a days, please see above image for reference.