• IBO COOP Marketplace Connects Vistar Media Platform


    As more programmatic buyers find the benefits and efficiency of automation, IBOUSA General Manager Chris Cowlbeck announced that the IBO COOP Marketplace has been successfully connected to the Vistar Media’s programmatic monetization platform.   

    “This is a huge step for accessing the large pool of national buyers available through Vistar Media’s programmatic platform. The independent operators who use our workflow solutions can effortlessly participate without any technical expertise.” said Cowlbeck.  “Our decade-long attention to detail and process has allowed us to use the Apparatix Media Solutions as the core driver of the platform, which not only allows greater efficiency and profitability in operations, but now automatically updates availability and pricing needed to drive programmatic activities.”

    Jordan Fraser

    “We are excited to be connected live to Apparatix and the IBO COOP Marketplace, which will drive incremental revenue opportunities to the IBO COOP network,” said Jordan Fraser, Publisher Solution Manager at Vistar Media.  “Independent Billboard Operators can easily monetize their unsold inventory, while the large IBO footprint of billboard locations will bring value to digital ad buyers that execute national campaigns on the Vistar platform.”

    The IBO Fusion initiative has streamlined integrations to pragmatic integrations and operators can now easily connect any of their digital manufacturers.  IBO associates that wish to participate should contact the IBOUSA HQ as well as those interested in connecting to the programmatic world.

    About Vistar Media

    Vistar Media is a geospatial technology company bridging the space between advertising ecosystems and consumer movement patterns. Founded in 2012, Vistar created the first and only universal marketplace for out-of-home media, building a programmatic platform that has been widely adopted by buyers and sellers. Vistar provides marketers with unprecedented access to consumers at the right place and right time, through a data agnostic system for analyzing consumer movement patterns and activating cross-screen mobile and out-of-home media.  

    About Apparatix

    Over the last decade, Apparatix Media Solutions has focused exclusively on workflow solutions for the out of home industry that includes a cloud based platform to manage inventory, account relations, real estate leasing, eProposals, eOffers, eSign Contracts, billing, fulfillment, work orders and an enterprise grade digital content management system (CMS) to accommodate sophisticated selling strategies.   

    About IBOUSA

    IBOUSA is a networking group of companies that have a common interest of promoting all things of importance to the OOH Industry.  We bring together some brilliant minds and cutting-edge technologies and services in our industry in some fun and engaging ways. Billboard operators, vendors, consultants, agencies and advertisers enjoy the fruits of our collective efforts and we have forged wonderful friendships over the years.  These relationships have evolved to build the IBO COOP Marketplace where the inventory of our operators is combined into a large national footprint that is easy to access.  Learn more by calling 580-226-2234 or visit IBOUSA.org.


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    1. Sounds like they want to do what Blip Billboards is already doing really well.