• Happy Thanksgiving from Billboard Insider

    We’re taking tomorrow off for Thanksgiving.  Billboard Insider has lots to be thankful for:

    To Outfront Media Real Estate rep Shelli Bergren for being Billboard Insider’s first newsletter subscriber.

    To Midwood Signs Ron Guercio for being Billboard Insider’s most recent and 2,520th newsletter subscriber.

    To OAAA President and CEO Anna Bager and the folks at the OAAA for advice, advocacy and information.

    To OAAA President and CEO emeritus Nancy Fletcher for words of encouragement when Billboard Insider started four years ago.

    Left to right: Dave Westburg (Billboard Insider), Brian Kline (Reliable Electric), PJ Pedroni (Smartlink) at the IBOUSA show

    To Chris Cowlbeck and the IBOUSA for putting together products to help independents thrive and for letting Insider moderate a panel at the fall IBOUSA show.

    To every out of  home company owner who consented to be interviewed.  We learn from each other.

    To Greg Callaham, Ken Klein, Richard Hamlin, Jason Morgan, Melody Roberts, Haleigh Powell, Richard Rothfelder  and the folks at Geopath and the OAAA for providing outstanding articles.

    To our advertisers who make it possible to pay the bills.  There would be no free Billboard Insider without you:

    • Adomni
    • Apparatix
    • Blip Billboards
    • Blue Sky Digital Printing
    • Daktronics
    • Do It Outdoors
    • Formetco
    • Johnsen Fretty
    • Kalil and Co
    • Media Resources
    • Metro Phoenix Bank
    • Reliable Electric
    • Rothfelder and Falick
    • Selective Structures
    • Smartlink
    • Watchfire

    To Lucas Jones for editing and producing the Billboard Insider podcast.

    To Robbie Anthony at Firedove for keeping the website going.

    And finally to our spouses, who tolerate our blogging at any time of the day or night.

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    1. Thanks Billboard Insider for providing great content and keeping us informed of industry happenings! You are a valuable resource. I hope you’ll continue to find passion in and see success in such endeavors!

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