• Full Motion Digital Billboards in LA

    Inglewood is one of the few cities to permit full motion digital billboards.  NBC Los Angeles did a piece about them.  Scenic America complains about safety.  WOW Media’s Scott Krantz and city of Englewood sources say that accidents have declined in intersections near signs which show full motion video and that the boards generate cash for the city. “We love it.  Especially with our clients…music, fashion, entertainment.  Full motion is the way to go,” says  Dash Two’s Gino Sesto.

    Insider’s take: Cities can generate big revenues by leasing space to billboard companies.  Under a  June 19, 2018 amendment  Inglewood gets a one time bonus of $100,000 per static face and $250,000 per digital face as well as a threshhold percentage rate of 55% of revenues for the signs.  In November 2015 Inglewood and Wow Media signed a Billboard Lease Agreement permitting WOW to construct up to 10 full motion digital billboards.  The agreement runs for 30 years including extensions.  Four digital billboards have been constructed to-date.  The agreement also gives the city up to 10% of ad times for public service announcements.

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    1. Jim Schultheis says:

      By the way, those are beautiful Watchfire boards.