• Don’t Use Flash Player on Your Out of Home Website

    Insider is looking at lots of out of home websites to compile the 2019 out of home website rankings.  Some out of home companies use Flash Player on their websites.  A bad idea.

    It creates a barrier between you and your customers.

    Use flash and your customer will see this when they visit your site.

    Download the updated version of flash, close your browser, restart your browser and come back to the website?  Many customers will leave.  Why make it difficult to do business?

    Flash Player is going away in 2020.

    Adobe had said that it will not longer support the plugin in 2020.  You might as well migrate now to something else.

    Flash Player is a security risk

    Listen to Lifehacker: “Flash has some major security issues that are incredibly easy to take advantage of…Annoying ads, backdoor malware installation and data collection have found their ways onto many a PC thanks to hold in Flash’s security.”

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    1. Hi Dave, I’d like for you to include my website in your rankings. Any feedback is appreciated.