• DJ Jennings on Preventing Vandalism

    By DJ Jennings, Sales Manager, Outdoorlink

    Billboard Vandal Caught by Smartlink security camera.

    I found last week’s Billboard Insider article on preventing vandalism interesting.   At Smartlink we have been helping to provide ways of addressing these issues as well.
    About a year ago we developed a camera system for the purpose of increasing the level of proof of performance an operator can offer to media agencies and small advertisers alike. It allows users to schedule or request images of the board to verify that the advert is displayed properly, thus increasing buyer confidence in the operator, and increasing the likelihood of repeat business.
    The camera doubles as a security system because the camera’s motion detector catches trespassers attempting, or in the act of vandalism. It takes the photos and sends them to the operator in real time so that they can react and hopefully catch the perp in the act.
    You can learn more about smartlink’s security products by contacting DJ Jennings, dj@outdoorlinkinc.com or by visiting   http://smartlinkcontrol.com/billboard/security/


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