• Digital Billboard Light Footprint an Issue in Weymouth


    The Weymouth News reports that one digital billboard has been turned off and the town council is requesting no new permits be issued for digital billboards due to lighting issues.  Residents have been complaining about light from a digital billboard operated by Cove Outdoor Advertising at 611 Pleasant Street in Weymouth.  Cove has a permit to build an additional digital billboard at 613 Pleasant street in Weymouth.  “None of the proposed billboards or the one installed has incorporated light blocking technology”, says a local politician.

    Insider’s take:  Expect lighting issues to be a topic when you approach local officials for a digital sign permit.  Daktronics lighting expert Eric Johnson says he’s getting 4-5 digital billboard lighting analysis requests a month up from only 1 a month a year ago.  Be prepared with a lighting study so you know where your light footprint is and have a strategy in mind for mitigation (e.g. trees or light blocking technology) if lighting becomes an issue.

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