Jared Johnson on Mitigating Digital Billboard Light Trespass

Regulators are increasingly raising light trespass impact concerns during the digital sign permitting process. Last week Insider talked with Jared Johnson, Media Resources’ Director of Business Development – DOOH, about their VISIONiQ SITELINE™ digital billboards (patent pending), designed to mitigate light trespass issues.

Jared, how does light blocking work?

Media Resources is the first digital billboard manufacturer to deliver a true solution for regulatory light trespass mitigation. The design is carefully calculated to maintain sharpness, contrast and brightness within the intended viewing angles while providing a specific, predictable area to be light trespass mitigated.

The SITELINE module incorporates the illumination specifications of the LED diode, a custom pixel pattern, and precisely designed louvers to create displays with side angle light blocking. Our latest model uses the new, industry standard 400mm by 400mm module, as do our VISIONiQ HIGHWAY Series displays. 

The LED module on the left does not have the SITELINET™.  The LED module on the right uses right-side blocking SITELINET™ technology.

When viewed from the right-side, the SITELINE™ module side angle light is blocked.

Can you give an example of how sightline technology has been deployed?

In Bluffdale, Utah the city wanted a developer to build a shopping center. The developer requested, and the city granted, a permit for a digital billboard sign to be included in the project.  The billboard was built along Bangerter Highway, which is also the border between the City of Bluffdale and a neighboring city – Riverton.

After installation the neighbors in Riverton experienced significant light impacts from the originally installed digital billboard display. The residents believed they had no recourse in their neighboring city and chose to go to their state legislator for a solution. 

The Senator initially believed the only resolution to the inter-municipal issue was to have all digital billboards turn off at 9 or 10pm.  Fortunately, he reached out to the billboard industry prior to opening a bill.  The industry met with the developer and recommended they replace the originally installed digital billboard display with the Media Resources SITELINE digital billboard with light blocking technology. The developer did so, and the result is impressive.  

After installation of the SITELINE display the local news station did a follow up story about the resolution and that the neighbors were thrilled . The neighbor’s comments included “night and day difference” and “I can enjoy my neighborhood again like it once was.”

Here’s drone video of the sign.

Does the technology cost extra?

No. SITELINE is a separate product from our standard digital billboard displays and its costs are built into the price; however, additional expenses for engineering reports or certified lighting studies may be required for permitting in some cases.

If you have questions about SITELINET™ contact Jared Johnson, Business Development Director, Digital OOH at jjohnson@mediaresources.com, 801-430-2391.

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