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    By Melody Roberts, Out of Home Creative

    Out of Home Creative was commissioned by NewSouth Outdoor to redesign an existing digital campaign for their client, Montgomery Dental. In this situation, both the client and the outdoor advertising company were dissatisfied with the previous designs. The clients shared with me they only approved the previous artwork because they felt it was the best they could get and were frustrated with the creative process. NewSouth Outdoor’s owner Neil Bell said he hired me because “he wanted the caliber of art for his customers that I provide”. What this client experienced is summarized in the motto of my company: “Creative can be 10% of the cost or if it isn’t good, 90% of the problem.” My creative approach to redesigning their artwork resulted in the client’s approval without any revisions.

    The original ad: Runs together. Poor contrast. Too many fonts. Hard to identify advertiser.

    My first impression of the former campaign was that it was dull, the layout ran together, the color scheme didn’t offer contrast, there were too many different fonts, the advertiser was hard to make out and more.

    I felt I could provide Montgomery Dental with a fresh, new look that incorporated out of home best design practices. Fortunately, the client was open to my suggestions and allowed me to have creative freedom to recreate a new digital campaign.

    NewSouth allowed me to work client direct to minimize revisions and give their client a one-on-one opportunity to discuss their business and by doing this, I was able to ask specific  questions in order to design a more effective and visually pleasing campaign (to read why it is more efficient for an experienced out of home designer to work directly with clients please click here).

    During our creative consulting call, we went over digital locations and one of them was adjacent to a high school and low to the ground where they could efficiently target parents. We decided to have one advertisement concentrate on “New patients.”

    The updated ad: Bright contrasting colors. Pictures at right because people read left to right. Bold Font.

    Below are some additional billboard design tactics I considered during my process:

    • The first thing I wanted to do was brighten the overall campaign to make it feel welcoming and stand out on the digital. I used complementary colors for the background that also work well on digital and provided movement in the Ad.


    • On the former campaign, “We Bring Smiles to Life” was repeated on at least 3 advertisements. On my revised campaign, I focused on different services and experience the dental practice offered patients which allowed each Ad to have a different message.


    • I placed the Dentists on the Right (people read Left to Right, so I and I made the Dentists larger, brightened their photos and set them in front of the swoosh for dimension. Tip: When using photos of people [unless the client objects], I always set people from the torso or shoulders up never full body on a regular billboard or digital because they’ll be too small.


    • Since their business name is also their website, I didn’t feel their logo needed to be larger, [and the script may be hard to read] but the client wanted to keep it for reference. Instead, I focused more on their business name/website to make it easy to see who the advertiser was. To help the category of business stand out more, I used two colors to bring the word “Dentistry” to the forefront.


    • I used a bold font, but the typestyle is friendly and changed the color to Black so the message would stand out against the gradient Yellows and Blues.


    • The client informed me that the “Best of…”well known in their market, so I placed concentration on this by designing one digital showcasing their win as well as referencing it again on a couple more flips.


    It is essential that we provide our clients with the best possible outcome with their out of home advertising which does not stop once it goes under contract. The creative must bring a return on investment, or they may cancel or not renew. Ineffective creative is also a reflection on theout of home company from the public view. If the public isn’t engaged why would a potential client call you to advertise?

    Out of Home Creative is available to help your clients or your business with outdoor advertising design. We are also able to offer out of home creative training and consulting to your team. Please contact us for more information: melody@outofhomecreative.com.


    Insider uses and endorses Out of Home Creative’s billboard design services.  Melody Roberts is an expert at designing out of home ads.  To read more about Out of Home Creative and view samples click here.

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