• Company of the Day: Venture Outdoor

    Company: Venture Outdoor Advertising

    Markets: Missouri

    Headquarters: 15664 Barton St., Overland Park, KS  66221

    Phone: 913-730-8353

    Venture Outdoor Advertising owns 62 billboard structures in Missouri.  The company was started in 2013 by Randy Jackson.  Prior to starting Venture, Jackson was a VP for CBS Outdoor in Los Angeles and a General Manager for Viacom Houston and Outdoor Systems in Kansas City and Denver.  The company is a operator associate in the IBOUSA.

    Randy Jackson, President, Venture Outdoor Advertising

    How did you enter the outdoor business?

    It started with a summer job at the age of 14 on the landscaping crew for Gannett Outdoor, Kansas City just after they acquired Combined Communications. Many of the trucks still had Eller Outdoor on the side. The new GM at the time was Arte Moreno. In college I was able to do an internship with Outdoor Systems in Denver. Upon graduation, and electing not to do law school, I landed an entry level position in the Denver office. In time I was sucked into the industry vortex that most who have at least two years experience find hard to leave.  In the process I was fortunate to have worked with, and learned from some of the best operators in the business.

    What’s the Missouri outdoor market like?

    Where we operate the clients are primarily local, the campaigns are typically annual, and criteria for placement is geographic. We rarely get a request to deliver a 10 weekly rating point against a female, age 21-34 demographic who work out at least twice a week for a 12 week flight through the summer.

    Any digital billboards?

    Currently we have six digital faces in our plant.  One is an  ADTI , four are Watchfire, and one is a Formetco.

    Are you using any of the automated platforms (e.g. Adomni, Blip, Fliphound, Vistar) to sell ad inventory?

    We have been using Blip for over a year.  I am happy with the results, but want to see more transparency.  I know there are a lot of players in this space with somewhat different approaches, and interested to see how it shakes out over time.
    What software do you use to help run your business?  
    We use Apparatix to help manage our business.  Their system touches all aspects of the business, continue to innovate in response to client input, and have great customer service when needed.

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    1. Bart Thomas says:

      Randy Jackson is a great guy, running a great company. Bt.