• Company of the day: JPG Media

    Jean-Paul Gedeon, President, JPG Media

    Company: JPGMedia

    Markets: Hawaii

    Address:  1860 Ala Moana Blvd, Suite 420, Honolulu, Hawaii  98615

    Email: jpg@JPGmedia.com

    Phone: 808-429-7220

    JPG Media knows how to think outside the box.  It has to because it operates an out of home plant in a state which outlaws billboards.  The company is a member of the OAAA.  Insider talked with JPG President and CEO Jean-Paul Gedeon.

    How did you get into the out of home business?
    I’ve always been fascinated by huge Billboards and larger than life prints that make you wonder “How did they do that?”  We started as large format printer in 2000, doing signs and banners, senior year in highschool.   There were only 2 OOH companies in Hawaii at the time and they were only in Malls.  We ended up getting some print and install jobs from them and eventually learned the business.   Hawaii is a tight knit community and the opportunity presented itself to partner first with a Trucking Fleet, then a couple Malls, then a chain of Supermarkets.  As our reputation and track record for success grew, so did our network of media properties.  We are continuing to grow and now represent the largest OOH network in Hawaii, which consists of our exclusive media properties and strategic partnerships.
    How do you operate an out of plant in a state which outlaws billboards?
    Excellent Question!  We’ve found our niche and focus on where we can operate:
    Malls, Supermarkets, Drugstore / Pharmacy, Truckside, Gas Stations and C-Store.  We’ve been Hyper Local since we began.  Hawaii is considered a small market compared to other major DMA’s but a big driver of revenue for many national brands.  We have the #1 Costco, #1 Safeway, #1 HR Block, #1 Cheesecake Factory, and the list goes on.
    What impact has covid had on our company?
    Covid has challenged our advertising partners, and we’ve had some advertisers ask to cancel or pause campaigns and perms.  We’ve worked with them, many of whom are friends in the business, the time will come when budgets return.  People will remember how you reacted during these times.  We’re running a marathon and relationships are key.  We’ve taken the time to work on our business growth and are focusing on our Supermarkets, Drugstore / Pharmacy, which have seen a boom in demand.
    Our hand sanitizer and shopping cart wipe stations at the entrance to these venues have seen a huge increase in usage and are the perfect opportunity for businesses to Sponsor Wellness in the community by providing an essential service.  It’s working so far and we’re continuing to give our partners the opportunity to reach their target audience in the community they choose.  Hawaii has shutdown the tourism industry, which is the largest revenue generator for the state.  Flight are limited, hotels and resorts have laid off thousands of staff.  Our Airport to Hotel shuttles which were very popular with tourism and hospitality businesses are not in operation currently and we’ve had to pause campaigns or release advertisers from contracts.  I’m very happy we diversified our network and don’t rely solely on the tourism dollar, as many other business who have done so are closing their doors with no clear plan for reopening.  Cooperation has been something we’ve been more open to.  It is working for us to collaborate with OOH media owners who have media space in Hawaii, but no boots on the ground or representatives in the Hawaii market.  We play nice with others.
    Tell us about your digital screens.  What have you learned about digital?
    We currently are all static, and will be converting our static displays in Supermarkets to digital screens at the Entry and Checkout. Our mall properties are mainly outdoor and require a larger cap ex, those plans are on hold until we see some recovery in the economy.

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