• Birth Announcements and Digital Signs

    Grey Vick of Vick Outdoor used his digital billboards to announce the birth of a son.  He tells Insider: “We got lots of hits online and social media with the photos of our new baby!!  We ran him on 3 of our digitals after he was born!  Got a couple sales for us too.  People love babies.”

    Insider’s Take: The dynamic capabilities of digital billboards are suited for announcing engagements, anniversaries, commemorations, birthdays and accomplishments.   Chris Cowlbeck’s Look billboards runs a digital billboard birthday special: 3 days on 5 digital signs for $100.  Roland Digital Media uses digital billboards to memorialize people who have died.

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    1. Thanks for the article Dave.

      I wanted to add how in love we are with our little boy Mason. He is the sweetest little baby and has brought so much joy into our lives. Bringing him into this world has been the greatest accomplishment in my life.