• Dave Roland on Billboards and Obituaries

    In the days after Billy Graham’s death, 4 of the 30 digital billboards owned by Tennesee-based out of home advertising company Roland Advertising ran this copy.
    Roland’s company uses obituaries to meet the needs of funeral home clients.  Insider talked with founder Dave Roland about the program.
    How do you use obituaries to help clients?
    A local funeral home came to me and said that they wanted four digital billboard screens.  Funeral homes have historically used newspapers to run obituaries.  The problem is that it can take days to the newspaper’s print run to catch up to what happened.  Our funeral home client runs a picture and name immediately to make people aware.  The funeral home has become the #1 funeral home in the local market.
    We’ve also bought a pallet of mini-billboards from our printer.  We take the obituary and  print a copy and put it on the mini-billboard.  We give a copy of the mini-billboard  to every family.
    You stress to clients the importance of artwork.
    I have two digital artists on staff.  If you give clients good artwork they’ll be happy.  We’re living in an 8 second society with short attention spans.  You have to keep art fresh to keep people engaged.


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