• Adams Makes Pitch for Bethlehem Billboard

    Proposed digital billboard will be on other side of Hill to Hill bridge.

    The Morning Call reports that Adams presented the case for a 616 square foot digital sign along the Hill to Hill bridge in Bethlehem during a three hour hearing in front of the Bethlehem Zoning Hearing board.  Adams wants a variance to:

    • construct a 616 square foot sign versus a limit of 100 square feet
    • construct a sign which is 40 feet above grade versus a city code of 25 feet above grade
    • construct a sign within 36 feet of a residential zoning district when 300 feet of separation is required
    • construct a sign within 566 feet of the nearest digital billboards when at lease 1,000 feet of separation is required.

    The proposal is opposed by Mayor Bob Donchez.  A city attorney cross-examined Adams and will present the case against the sign at the next Zoning Hearing Board Meeting.

    Insider’s take: A 100 square foot limit on signs seems to be strategy of backing into a moratorium.  Insider notes that the city has no objection to a digital billboard just across the bridge on its own land.  The tables are turned when someone else is the landlord.

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