• Bethlehem, PA Mayor opposes digital billboard

    The Morning Call reports that the Bethlehem, Pennsylvania Mayor opposes a billboard proposed near the Hill to Hill bridge.  The Mayor says the billboard does not belong in a key city gateway near a historical district.  Adams Outdoor is asking for a variance to construct a 600 square foot sign at 231 Union Station which is similar to an existing billboard on the other side of the Hill-to-Hill bridge which sits on land that Adams rents from the city.  You can see a picture of the existing Adams billboard and the proposed location for the new billboard below.

    Existing Adams digital billboard which sits on city property on the Hill to Hill Bridge


    Proposed site for new digital billboard is on left at the other side of the Hill to Hill bridge.

    Insider’s take:  A double standard is at work here.  The city has no objections to putting a digital billboard just down the bridge on its own land.  Now the tables are turned when someone else gets the rent.

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