• Adams Loses Appeal of Madison Lawsuit

    The State of Wisconsin District IV Court of Appeals has rejected an attempt by Adams to appeal a court decision dismissing a case against the Dane County Board of Supervisors on the grounds that the supervisors violated state open meetings law during deliberations in which the supervisors denied an extension of an Adams Outdoor lease by an 18-16 vote.  The lease expired December 31, 2015.  The Dane County Airport Commission, Public Works Committee and Personnel and Finance Committee all voted in favor of the lease extension.  Adams has alleged that several board members engaged in close discussions with the purpose of negatively affecting the vote.

    The appeals court ruled that Adams failed to show that the defenants engaged in an illegal walking quorum based on the number of supervisors involved (8 of 34 supervisors who voted) and the content of the emails.

    You can read the case here.

    You can read a legal analysis of the case here.


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