• M+D Properties to install two huge digitals in Orange County, CA


    M+D Properties is installing two mega displays at The Source OC in Orange County, California.  The displays will be 160″ by 40′.  Here’s a link to the press release.  Insider talked with Shawn Choi, Communications Manager of MD Properties for more details.

    Are you going to sell advertising on the signs or just promote on premise businesses?

    We will be focusing on nationwide brands to display large scale full motion advertisements. We will be working with major advertisers and brands to bring visually stunning and highly creative advertisement contents to the asset.

    Is M+D properties going to operate the signs and sell the ad space or are you leasing the sign space to an out of home company?

    M+D Properties is a new player in the digital signage market, and is fully invested in creating the best advertising platforms for clients. This full-motion LED display will be the third digital asset we have, as a new entrant in the market, we have developed an in-house team to fully operate the displays while executing sales. However, we are also working with external vendors in creating strategic and exclusive partnerships for advertising spots with national brands and large scale advertisers.

    What factors caused you to choose Ina Display?

    Our main focus when accepting offers from vendors was the quality graphics, pixels, and the latest and most advanced model of the device. Ina Display is one of the larger LED display businesses in all of Asia, operating in Korea and China, and despite receiving offers from name brand companies, we chose Ina Display based on the superior quality of their products.

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    1. Where are these magnificent billboards! I’d like to ride by and see them in Orange County.